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Brand Business: For The Fourth Year In A Row, McCann Lima Achieved The “Title Agency Of The Year” At The Effie Awards Perú 2019

After winning 14 metals and 16 shortlists, McCann Lima is positioned as the lead agency of Perú.

The night of Tuesday 28th May, the Effie Awards Perú took place in the Teatro Municipal, at the city of Lima, where McCann Lima for the fourth year in a row, was recognized as the Agency of the Year, after receiving 14 metal awards and 16 shortlists.

“This recognition represents the work and continuous effort that we do as a team to achieve our mission and to share creative and strategic solutions which add value to our clients’ businesses and manage to be meaningful to their audiences” declares Max Gutiérrez, CEO of McCann Worldgroup Perú.


McCann Lima succeeded in converting 30 shortlists into 14 metal awards, distributed as follows: for Entel with the campaigns “Nuevo Prepago Chip 29”, “Mamá Power” and “Renueva con Dimitre”, they got 3 gold awards, 1 silver and 1 bronze; For Ab Inbev with the campaign “El rojo de todos” they received 1 gold and 2 silver awards; For Sodimac Peru with the campaign “TAS, el japonés que se volvió un peruano más” a gold award was received; for Nestlé with the campaigns  “Milo Listo para tomar” and “Milo listo para tomar” 2 silver awards and 2 more silver awards with the campaign “Ponds, tu piel te necesita” for Unilever and for Wong by Cencosud “Data que Fideliza, Cupones que te conocen”; the campaign “Inca Kola, botellas que hablan” for The Coca-Cola Company got a bronze award.

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