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Brand & Business: Rubicon Project Partners with Aircast and Lemma Technologies to Deliver Premium Digital Out-of-Home Campaigns

Singapore Rubicon Project (NYSE:RUBI), the global exchange for advertising, today announced it has secured its first two digital out-of-home (DOOH) partnerships in Asia with Lemma Technologies in India and Aircast in the Philippines. These partnerships allow advertisers working with Rubicon Project to reach more than 20,000 premium targeted DOOH screens across the region. 

Digital out-of-home is a rapidly emerging sector for programmatic trading according to Yogesh Sehgal, Regional Manager, Asia for Rubicon Project.  

Rubicon Project has been building its capabilities to support programmatic executions on non-digital media channels as part of our emerging channels initiative. Our partnerships with Lemma Technologies and Aircast will provide extensive reach in individual markets as well as enabling data enriched buying options for advertisers looking at DOOH to achieve their campaign goals,” said Sehgal. 


Aircast is the first programmatic digital out-of-home solution in the Philippines and reaches more than 120,000 viewers across universities, fitness centers, clinics, and restaurants. The screens are bundled with free WIFI services for mobile users, which helps increase overall length of viewership, as well as enabling deeper insights into cross-device user behavior for data analysis or targeting. Future work will see Aircast and Rubicon Project offer private marketplace (PMP) packages for audience targeting and retargeting using the data collected by Aircast near the DOOH screens. 

Bryan Conde, General Manager for Aircast said: “Advertising automation will fuel future growth in our markets. We are delighted that Rubicon Project shares our vision of delivering transparent, addressable and targeted DOOH campaigns to our customers.”

Lemma has more than 20,000 DOOH screens throughout India, SEA and the Middle East. With IoT beacons to count real-time footfall, integrations with data providers for deep audience insights, as well as with social media, live game scores, weather and other data sources, Lemma enables demand partners to run innovative campaigns and track return on investment (ROI) alongside cross-device targeting feasibility.  

Gulab Patil, Founder & CEO of Lemma Technologies commented: “DOOH is the only mechanism that targets audiences on the move, offering a cost per audience which is exceedingly low in comparison to other digital mediums. Thanks to programmatic connectivity it’s now become the new mass-targeting media. Our partnership with Rubicon Project is helping us achieve global scale across all regions and provide a safe and faster ad buying experience on DOOH for all advertisers.”

A recent study by IPG Mediabrands Magna and Rapport reported that APAC is the largest out-of-home (OOH) advertising region globally. Despite high market fragmentation, India and the Philippines are expected to see the highest percentage growth on OOH advertising spend. 

Rubicon Project allows buyers and sellers of DOOH around the world to transact programmatically. In the United States, buyers are able to reach 90%+ of the population via more than 100 targetable designated market areas with display and video formats available. 

About Rubicon Project

Founded in 2007, Rubicon Project is one of the world’s largest advertising exchanges. The company helps websites and apps thrive by giving them the tools and expertise to sell ads easily and safely. In addition, the world’s leading agencies and brands rely on Rubicon Project’s technology to execute billions of advertising transactions each month. Rubicon Project is an independent, publicly traded company (NYSE:RUBI) headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

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