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CANNES 2019: Meet the Next Generation of Female Creative Directors for Cannes’ See It Be It Program

How does a predominantly male saturated industry create emotional connections to the female market they often cater to? For many decades, this has been the state of the advertising industry until the recent years where an upsurge of female creatives and accounts women balanced the landscape. 

However, the seeming balance between genders in the industry is not consistent when it comes to the top level executives. Women need women as examples and inspiration. Enter See it, Be it, the Cannes Lions Program designed to address this issue.

See it, Be it or SIBI, is not gearing towards women domination in the ad industry but rather, equal representation of female and male creative directors. This year, the initiative returns with 15 finalists.


“As women, we don’t often feel deserving of the place we occupy. Our voices don’t always cooperate. I want us to leave Cannes believing that not only must we invite ourselves, but also leave the door open for our sisters,” said Swati Bhattacharya, the Chief Creative Officer at FCBULKA and Ambassador of See it, Be it.

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