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Cannes Lions 2019: Top Metals Awarded to McCann NY, RBK Communication, Marcel Paris, Area 23, FCB New York, 360I New York and HBO

CANNES, FRANCE – Tonight’s Cannes Lions 2019 winners are in! Grand Prix Lions have been awarded to ‘Changing The Game’ McCann NY, ‘Do Black – The Carbon Limit Credit Card’ by RBK Communication, ‘Black Supermarket’ Marcel Paris,’See Sound’ by Area 23, ‘The Whopper Detour’ by FCB New York, and ‘Westworld: The Maze’ 360I New York and HBO.

The results are as follows: 70 wins for Brand Experience & Activation Lions, 9 wins for Creative ECommerce Lions, 12 wins for Creative Effectiveness Lions, 7 wins for Innovation Lions, 42 wins for Mobile Lions, and 34 wins for Radio & Audio Lions.

Here’s the list of the Grand Prix winning campaigns tonight:


Brand Experience & Activation Lions

Grand Prix: “Changing The Game” by McCANN New York for Microsoft

In this year’s Cannes Lions Festival for Creativity, there was an increase in campaigns that tackled issues on accessibility for the differently abled, and one campaign that stood out is McCann New York’s “Changing the Game” for Microsoft, which won Grand Prix for Brand Experience and Activation Lions.

The video made for the campaign starts out with a montage of interviews with children, who would later on be revealed as kids with disabilities. The whole project talks about how video games helped empower these children and help them socialize with their peers. However, the controllers that come out of the box with the game consoles don’t have the necessary features to make gameplay easier for these children.

Gold Winners:

  • “Clear” by AMVBBDO, London for Diageo
  • “ThisAbles” by McCANN Tel Aviv for IKEA
  • “Perussian Prices” by FAHRENHEIT DDB, Lima for Plaza Vea
  • “StorySign” by FCB INFERNO, London for Huawei
  • “The E.V.A. Initiative” by Forsman & Bodenfors for Volvo Cars
  • “People Are The Places” by AEROMÉXICO, Mexico City / GOOGLE, Mexico City for AEROMÉXICO
  • “Billie Jean King Your Shoes” by TBWA\CHIAT\DAY, New York for ADIDAS
  • “Paving For Pizza” by DOMINO’S PIZZA, Ann Arbor / CRISPIN PORTER BOGUSKY+, Boulder for Domino’s Pizza
  • “Legal-Ade” by Leo Burnett Chicago for Kraft Heinz

Under the Brand Experience & Activation Lions category, there is a total of 70 wins: 1 Grand Prix, 9 Golds, 23 Silvers, 37 Bronzes. Check out the full list winners here.

Creative ECommerce Lions

Grand Prix: “Do Black – The Carbon Limit Credit Card” by RBK COMMUNICATION, Stockholm for Doconomy

The “Do Black- The Carbon Limit Credit Card” campaign created by RBK Communication for Doconomy introduces an innovative alternative to the conventional credit card one that doesn’t have spending limits, but a limit on your carbon footprint. By creating a database of goods and services with a corresponding carbon emission cost, users then need to budget their expenses not monetarily but based on carbon emissions.

Gold Winners:

  • “KFC Christmas Pocket Store” by ISOBAR CHINA GROUP, Shanghai for Yum China

Under the Creative ECommerce Lions category, there is a total of 9 wins: 1 Grand Prix, 1 Gold, 2 Silvers, 5 Bronzes. Click and download the full list of winners here.

Creative Effectiveness Lions

Grand Prix: “Black Supermarket” by MARCEL Paris for Carrefour

How do you measure the effectivity of a campaign? For “Black Supermarket” by MARCEL Paris for Carrefour, its effectiveness was measured by how it was able to change a law that barred naturally grown produce from being sold to the general public. And it is this accomplishment that makes the campaign worthy to be named as the Grand Prix Winner for the Creative Effectiveness track for Cannes Lions Festival for Creativity 2019.

The Black Supermarket had a simple mission – to raise the awareness on the illegality of organic and naturally grown produce. By literally creating a black supermarket and complimenting it with an array of campaigns in various platforms, consumers were soon made aware of how their real choices were limited to lab-grown and pesticide resistant hybrid varieties.

Gold Winners:

  • “It’s A Tide Ad” by SAATCHI & SAATCHI, New York for Procter & Gamble
  • “XBox Design Lab Originals: The Franchise Model” by McCANN London for Microsoft
  • “The All-In Promo” by DAVID, Buenos Aires for Newsan

Under the Creative Effectiveness Lions category, there is a total of 12 wins: 1 Grand Prix, 3 Golds, 3 Silvers, 5 Bronzes. To see and download the full list of winners, click here.

Innovation Lions

Grand Prix: “See Sound” by AREA 23, A FCB Health Network Company, New York for Wavio

“See Sound” literally lets people see sound, that is, they receive a notification when a small square device detects certain sounds or noises like high pitched beeps of a fire alarm or even a child crying.

The campaign made together with AREA 23 fully demonstrates the capabilities of the device and how useful it is in real life. Starting off with testimonies of how being deaf could pose a difficulty during emergency situations, the video then proceeds to show how the device could help save lives as well as how a large database of sounds through YouTube made building the device a reality.

Gold Winner:

  • “Changing The Game” by McCANN New York for Microsoft

Under the Innovation Lions category, there is a total of 7 wins: 1 Grand Prix, 1 Gold, 2 Silvers, and 3 Bronzes. For the full list of winners, click and download here.

Mobile Lions

Grand Prix: “The Whopper Detour” by FCB New York for Burger King

The campaign was yet another “trolling” attempt made by the fast food chain that was well received by fans of the brand, resulting to record breaking foot traffic, growth in sales, and millions of BK mobile app downloads.

Apart from the odd humor used by Burger King and FCB New York, it was the campaign’s app component that helped build its success. By using mapping technology, geo-fencing, and data analysis, plus a user interface that’s easy to navigate (and of course the discounted Whoppers), the campaign became a real contender in this year’s Cannes Lions Festival.

Gold Winners:

  • “Lessons in Herstory” by GOODBY SILVERSTEIN & PARTNERS, San Francisco for Daughters of the Evolution (2 Golds)
  • “See Sound” by AREA 23, Aa FCB Health Network Company, New York for Wavio
  • “Pocket Franchise” by HO COMMUNICATION, Shanghai for KFC (2 Golds)
  • “BagelGate” by Droga5, New York for Kraft – Heinz
  • “Address the Future” by VIRTUE, Copenhagen for Carlings
  • “Pay It Forward” FCB INFERNO, London for The Big Issue
  • “StorySign” by FCB INFERNO, London for Huawei
  • “The Whopper Detour” by FCB New York for Burger King

For the Mobile Lions category, there is a total of 42 wins: 1 Grand Prix, 10 Golds, 11 Silvers, 20 Bronzes. To view and download the full list of winners, click here.

Radio & Audio Lions

Grand Prix: “Westworld: The Maze” by 360I, New York / HBO, New York for HBO

“Westworld: The Maze” is the voice-controlled interactive game created by 360l for HBO, based on the award-winning television show Westworld. The game, which allows players to “choose their own adventure” is navigated purely by voice, where the player chooses where he goes next, and other characters would ask the player a series of questions to keep the game going.

The game makes great use of Alexa’s voice recognition capabilities and fully integrates metaphysical themes from the show, including how everything keeps on “resetting”, as getting the wrong answer brings the player back to square one.

Gold Winners:

  • “Broadway The Rainbow” by DDB Chicago for Mars Wrigley Confectionery (2 Golds)
  • “BK BOT” Campaign by DAVID Miami for Burger King
  • “Night Weeping”, “Pleasure Cave”, “Lumpy Futon”, “Makoti”, “Umsebenzi” and “Nsizwa” by TBWA\HUNT LASCARIS, Johannesburg for City Lodge Hotel Group
Under the category of Radio & Audio Lions, there is a total of 34 winners: 1 Grand Prix, 4 Golds, 9 Silvers, 20 Bronze. For the full list of winners, click and download here.

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