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Cannes Lions 2019: U.S. Firms Dominate Film Craft Category with 53 Awards Out of 78, Grand Prix Top Spots Included

There are a total of 78 awardees for this year’s Film Craft Lions, and 53 of those were bagged by firms based in the U.S. These numbers reflect that a) the technical side of creating films is taken seriously by the industry; and b) the U.S. is still a powerhouse when it comes to filmmaking.

Film Craft Lions takes a look at the creation process of a film. While the overall message, effectivity, and impact of a film is what most people look at, how a film is put together also plays a huge role in its success. As Supreme Films Managing Director and Executive Producer, and Film Craft Lions Jury President Rebecca Skinner puts it, it’s all about a seamless experience that keeps the audience’s attention without ever letting them feel “the hand that has crafted it, therefore never taking you out of the storytelling or experience.”


In this year’s awards, the jury granted more than just one Film Craft Lions Grand Prix title, albeit all the projects do belong to the same group. Winning five Grand Prix wins within the category is the series of films for the New York Times created by the New York arms of Final Cut and Droga5 entitled Resolve (Myanmar), Rigor (Taxes), Courage (Mexican Spyware), Perseverance (Immigration), and Fearlessness (ISIS).


The series of films tackle real-life issues and are part of the publication’s The Truth is Worth It campaign that aims to show the hard-hitting side of news agencies, and how stories, controversial ones most especially, take months to build up and verify.

Click here to check out and download the full list of winners.

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