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Film: Yard Releases “Footeuses”, A Documentary Celebrating Women’s Football, an Ode to their Fierceness and Dedication

For all the women who learned to play football like men, and with them.
For those who doubt themselves, and for those who support them.
For the women that love football.



Following Concrete Football and Ousmane, YARD and Miles are proud to present Footeuses, a documentary dedicated to feminine soccer and its protagonists.

A part of the Concrete Football series, Footeuses dives into the players’ reality: whether they are playing for the French federation or for Paris Saint-Germain, whether they are young amateurs or socially-engaged artists.

From their first dribbles in their clubs or on the neighbourhood playground with friends, to international matches, the itinerary of these women symbolises an aspect of soccer that yet has to be widely publicised.

For some, gaining access to the professional soccer world is an explicit goals, but for others, soccer is lived as a means of affirming theirselves and be emancipated in a world that is still attached to tenacious paradigms.

For every one of them, football is an inevitable part of their lives : the lives of women from the greater Paris. In this, Footeuses not only offers a glimpse in their way of playing football. Footeuses has been conceived as an ode to their fierceness and dedication.

This is a symbol of hope for a generation of players as a whole. Thanks to this documentary, the light is shun back on those who are and will inspire millions of other players, no matter their generation or social class.

As a creator of human contact and emotions with no equivalent, the soccer that Footeusesis displaying is a game made of touching sisterhood, a game for fighters, in spite of all the existing prejudice. A football that is put back in a context of authenticity, realness and passion.




Eliott Brunet for Miles

Ryan Doubiago & Lyna Saoucha

In Collaboration with:
Jesse Adang

Grace Geyoro
Nadia Nadim
Laure Boulleau
Aya Nakamura
Assa Doucoure
Betty Noel
Imene Slimani
Inès Beznia
Suzana Garcia Gaadjika

Technical staff:
Editing: Sanabel Cherqaoui
Camera Conductors: César Decharme & Antoine Cormier
Camera Assistant: Jules Berthe
Sound Engineer : Yohann Henry
Original Soundtrack: Bobby The Pollywog & Dani Lascar
Musical Supervision: Astral Sound
Mixing: Rémi Carreau
Grading: Julien Bodart


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