SINGAPORE – HSBC and JWT Singapore today presented the inaugural Beyond Money Conference in Asia, bringing together 13 expert speakers at the thought leadership platform. 

The thought leadership event is at the core of a digital campaign for HSBC, with content from the event as well as specially curated content from Ted to be featured on HSBC Singapore’s website
“HSBC is the world’s leading financial brand, and as a world class leader it continually develops new ways of how to approach and build relationships with today’s audiences,” JWT Singapore CEO Frank Bauer said. “Beyond Money is an attempt  to form a strategic platform that uses the bank’s aggregated insights of our world  to spark relevant conversations, develop insightful debates and new solutions to balance the quantitative and qualitative game of our lives.”
Segmented into three tracks – Women’s Roles Today, Nurturing Your Children and Re-evaluating Retirement – the conference attracted more than 300 participants to exchange insightful opinions about roles, relationships and ambitions and how the quality of our interactions influence future security and prosperity for people and their families.
The role of financial management today is partly influenced by prevailing social issues. Balancing home and work, nurturing our children while ensuring their happiness, and sustaining healthy family relationships after retirement can directly or indirectly create an impact on wealth management. Through meaningful conversations generated by Beyond Money, HSBC aims to inspire thoughtful interpretations that expand the traditional perception many have of wealth management.
Matthew Colebrook, Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management, HSBC Singapore, said, “Beyond Money is reflective of how HSBC values staying connected to people to understand what is most important to them. Our aim is to build long term relationships, connect our customers to opportunities and help them realize their ambitions.”
“Today, personal wealth management is taking on a new meaning, encompassing different aspects of our customers’ lives which they most value. Our customers’ financial well-being is so closely interconnected with their relationships and life aspirations as these significantly impact the decisions they make at work and at home. We want to help enrich and deepen our conversations about what genuinely matters in life Beyond Money. Through the discussions, we hope to help our clients to reflect on their plans, pursue their passions and secure future prosperity,” he said.
Held today at Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay, the conference generated lively panel discussions with speakers such as Dr Kanwaljit Soin, founding president of Women’s Initiative for Ageing Successfully (WINGS), Dr Bervyn Lee, former national swimmer and Director of the Office of Student Life at the Singapore Management University, and Dr Annie Koh, an advisor to BoardAgender. 
The three segments, moderated by former news presenter Diana Ser, offered diverse perspectives about the factors behind women’s contribution to the economy, the yardsticks that parents use to measure their children’s success and the reality of retirement among other aspects.