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McCann Health Japan appointed by Gilead Sciences to launch consumer disease awareness campaign

TOKYO — McCann Health in Japan has been appointed by Gilead Sciences in Japan to launch a significant direct to consumer disease awareness campaign to encourage people with Hepatitis C to visit their doctor.

The campaign intends to educate the public on the significant advancement in HCV therapy where patients in Japan can now aim for a cure of this chronic disease with oral treatment in as little as 12 weeks. A cure from HCV is associated with significantly reduced rates of cirrhosis, liver cancer, and death. The benefits of achieving cure have also been associated with an increased quality of life.

With most Hepatitis C sufferers in Japan being elderly citizens who contracted the disease through no fault of their own from a tainted vaccination program in the 1950s, the outcomes of this campaign are potentially very important for Japanese patients, their families and the broader community to understand this is a disease that can be cured and eventually eliminated in Japan.

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