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MPPM signs on Dentsu Aegis Network Malaysia as exclusive pilot partner

KUALA LUMPUR – The Malaysia Premium Publishers Marketplace (MPPM) has announced its exclusive pilot partnership with Dentsu Aegis Network Malaysia, providing advertisers access to a safer and transparent online ad buying ecosystem through Dentsu Aegis Network’s agencies.

MPPM is a consortium of the country’s leading online publishers formed to create an advertising exchange that enhances brand safety, establish regulations to protect advertisers interest, provide better transparency and improve viewability. The publishers are the Star Media Group, Utusan Melayu group, Media Chinese International Ltd group and The Edge Media group.

Spearheading the landmark deal is Amplifi Malaysia, the media trading and investment arm of Dentsu Aegis Network, led by its Managing Director, Hasnain Babrawala.


“Together with MPPM, we’re pleased to be taking the lead to address common online advertising challenges, such as brand misplacement, ad fraud, and low viewability, which advertisers have had to deal with, ever since programmatic started to take the bulk of online ad buys,” Babrawala said.

“MPPM provides an excellent platform for advertisers to present their brands on the most consumed news portals in Malaysia where real consumer engagement is relatively higher than other cluster buys. Also, the underlying technology and guarantee of zero ad fraud, high viewability and impactful Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) approved ad units, will result in better campaign performance and return on investment (ROI) for advertisers’ investments,” he explained.

As a testament, Babrawala shared that Dentsu Aegis Network, powered by Amplifi, has seen encouraging results for its clients in the last few weeks in terms of viewability and time spent on landing since piloting the collaboration with MPPM.

“MPPM provides agencies a consolidated media and first-party data offering where the rich Malaysian diversity can be mass personalised on its exclusive non-intrusive ad units, with the assurance that their investments are optimised,” he added.

“It is time that agencies and advertisers alike accept that CP‘x’ is not the only metric which proves a campaigns success, but brand engagement and recall are equally important. MPPM strives to establish that premium content is an opportunity to attract ‘real’ premium audiences.”

Heather Wee, Chairperson of MPPM, said, “Dentsu Aegis Network has been an instrumental partner in supporting MPPM’s development. We’re very much aligned in our commitment to bring to market quality online advertising inventory from local premium publisher websites, backed by rich audience data and high-impact online ad solutions.”

Wee added that MPPM aims to be an initiative that can challenge big players who arguably do not provide a 100% ad fraud-free environment. Furthermore, because of its local appeal it will make it easier for advertisers to make sustained investments.

To this end, Babrawala added, “The test for MPPM will be to deliver continuous performance and not fall bait to the popular and arguably inaccurate belief that low cost per click (CPC) is the end game. Keeping it simple is the way forward.”

Commenting on its plans to build on the exclusive partnership and further tap the potential value of MPPM, he shared that Amplifi is currently in discussion with MPPM to explore innovative trading and performance solutions.

Last month, MPPM appointed Innity as the consortium’s business and tech partner, redefining the publisher-led marketplace industry with high-reliability programmatic advertising that is trustworthy, available for the first time in Malaysia, for brands that have been seeking access to a premium advertising inventory.

In photo is Amplifi Malaysia Managing Director, Hasnain Babrawala.

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