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New Business: Dentsu Malaysia wins AIA’s creative business

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA — Dentsu Malaysia has won all of AIA‘s creative retainer services in Malaysia, with immediate effect. Dentsu, who is already managing the company’s takaful arm, AIA PUBLIC Takaful Bhd., will become the sole creative agency of record to further support the brand in delivering its purpose of empowering Malaysians to make healthy living choices during a post-covid world of accelerated change.

The move aims to maximise AIA’s branding investments to drive sustainable business growth. As a partner, dentsu will run the account based on its philosophy of “teaming without limits” where they bring the best of dentsu to deliver maximum results, regardless of agency. This will allow for an integrated model that unlocks the power of connected creativity and help evolve AIA’s brands to be future-fit in this virtual economy.

Dentsu’s Creative Line of Service trusted partnership created with AIA is firmly rooted in a track record of performance and world-leading innovation, enabling AIA’s essence to filter through campaigns driving meaningful conversations about health and wellness during these challenging times. The network has been briefed to take over the creative duties for AIA’s conventional life entity in addition to the existing creative duties for AIA PUBLIC Takaful.


Michelle Ong, CEO of dentsu One: “We are deeply honoured to win this business. Our collaboration internally even during Work From Home has been charged with inspiring positivity. The brief was to have AIA at the forefront of consideration for both health and wellness needs. However, one requirement was to not just deliver a “campaign”, but a sustainable communication solution that can be carried forward naturally and touches all the relevant consumer and agent points.”

Milan Agnihotri, Chief Strategy Officer: “The anchor of AIA’s proposal was in seamless integration of ‘Big Organizing Idea (BOI)’ with ‘Return on Investment (ROI)’ for the brand. We leveraged our proven methodology of ‘Masterbranding + Behaviour Mapping’ to make sure we steer the brand through the funnel and the brand ecosystem – externally and internally, on a single-minded platform.”

Heng Zee Wang, Chief Marketing Officer of AIA Bhd., said: “In an era of hyper-consumption, it is crucial that we partner an agency that not only thinks and acts with speed and agility, but more importantly has a deep understanding of our brand value, requirements and positioning. After an impressive stint with our Takaful business, we’ve decided to place our trust in dentsu to extend their capabilities in managing the entire AIA brand in Malaysia; creating integrated solutions that will help us build a stronger brand narrative and deeper connection with our customers across multiple touchpoints to ultimately inspire them to live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives.”

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