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New Business: Happiness Saigon partners with Vietnam’s first 100% electric vehicle manufacturer, Dat Bike

SAIGON, VIETNAM – Dat Bike is a brand breaking convention, as Vietnam’s first completely electric vehicle manufacturer. In their first move since finalizing funding, Dat Bike appoints Happiness Saigon as creative partner for its brand launch after concluding a nationwide pitch conducted in the first quarter of 2021. 


With its flagship product, The Weaver, an electric bike with twice the range and half the cost of other  E-bikes in the market, the ambitious startup just finished raising 2.6MM in pre-series A funding. 


Happiness Saigon will now be consulting on Dat Bikes’s creative, campaign strategy and communications, with interesting things to come. Happiness Saigon, won the pitch with the support of its newly appointed creative leadership team, Neena Gatdula & Jazz Tonna. 

“There’s only a few things more exciting than working with such an ambitious, and groundbreaking client, on a product you really believe in. We’re very proud to partner up with the brand that  will break conventions and revolutionize traffic in Vietnam and beyond.” – Jazz Tonna 

“We’re eager to work with happiness as we both share the same principles, to understand the con sumers and what they really need. Within the next few years, we aim to help transition all of Vietnam  from gas bikes to electric, made in Vietnam for Vietnam.” – Ny Bui Head of sales & customer experience, Dat Bike 

The appointment comes at a key point for Vietnam, as the government announces the growing need for the public to shift from traditional gas bikes to a cleaner electric alternative, going so far as discussing tax incentives for electric bikes. As the economy continues to grow, so too does the demand for cleaner alternatives for the environment, a positive sign for the future. 

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