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Ogilvy Hong Kong reaches 10 million with CHIVAS 18 movie

HONG KONG – Geometry Global, the recently merged entity of G2, OgilvyAction and JWTAction has recorded outstanding results for “The Scene” – a new advertising platform for CHIVAS18, the world’s leading purveyor of premium Scotch whisky. Reinvigorating Hong Kong’s fascination with movie-making, The Scene reached 10 million people and increased CHIVAS’ fan base by 50 percent, Geometry Global said in a press release.
The Scene engaged Hong Kong filmmakers at grass roots level by inviting them to participate in a crowd-sourced film called ‘Dream City’, led by a local, award-winning director. Harnessing the power of PR and social media, the invitation was spread far and wide, generating thousands of applications for the project and 36 million unique impressions.

Video blogs and behind the scenes footage of the film’s production were shared online daily, which spurred public interest in the project by a further 11%. During this time, sales of CHIVAS 18 in Hong Kong rose significantly.

The film premiered at a star-studded event on the 118th floor of the Ritz Carlton, where the backdrop mirrored the set of “Dream City.” The film received critical success and laid the foundation for the next generation of Hong Kong movie makers.


Harshad Sreedharan, Managing Director at Geometry Global Hong Kong, said:

“The Hong Kong film industry used to be world famous – it had a cult following and led Asia’s film industry by a mile. It has since taken a back seat to China in terms of both the quality and quantity of films produced. But we set out to be the catalyst for change.

“With ‘Dream City’, we combined the experience of veteran filmmakers with the ambition of young talent, reigniting Hong Kong’s interest in the movie industry. Impressively, Hong Kongers spent 19,060 hours watching the content online, which illustrates just how effective the campaign has been in capturing people’s interest.”

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