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People: UK-based director duo That Jam, Joe Beverley and Samuel Hurlock, joins Electriclimefilms

SINGAPORE Electriclimefilms welcomes UK-based director duo That Jam, made up of Joe Beverley and Samuel Hurlock, to the EL family, representing them exclusively for the MENA, APAC and Australia markets. That Jam’s strength lies in making the ordinary funny, the bizarre believable, and the strange endearing.

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Working on major campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands has given them the ability to maintain high production value and beautiful imagery while never losing sight of the humour and heart at the centre of any project they take on. They have collaborated with and shot campaigns for such brands as Strongbow, Google, Lenovo, Virgin Games, Adidas, and more.

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That Jam says, “We’re quite cynical of the world around us, finding humor in everyday life’s mundane and awkward moments. We find people incredibly interesting, whether in a film or our local pub, and it’s their stories and mannerisms that inspire us. We tend to find the joke in anything and that’s what we love – how even serious situations can be funny if you see it in context. There’s two sides to That Jam — on one hand you have this funny, awkward side that tries to create hilarity from normality. But there’s another side — a darker, more mysterious side. Creating work with atmosphere, danger and pace is something we seem to keep finding our way back to. Whether it’s dangerous, hilarious or moody, we’ll find the heart of the story and make it look as cool as Vincent Cassell smoking a cigarette.”


For more information, visit the electriclimefilms website.


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