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Singapore AdTech Start-up iVideoSmart ties up with GMA New Media to improve media engagement and monetization

SINGAPORE – Homegrown SG:D Accredited company, iVideoSmart Pte Ltd (“iVideoSmart”), announced its partnership with GMA New Media, Inc. (GMA NMI), a subsidiary wholly owned by GMA Network, to help improve video services on the GMA News site.
”There is a clear demand for more video content in GMA’s websites, and this partnership with iVideoSmart boosts our capability to be more responsive to consumer needs. This dovetails perfectly with our efforts to strengthen GMA’s online footprint not just locally but globally as well, and is without doubt a forceful means to deepen consumer engagement with the GMA brand as a leading provider of premium content,” Judd Gallares, President and Chief Operating Officer of GMA NMI said of the venture.
iVideoSmart developed the world’s first video business in a box, which aims to help content owners better monetize their IP with a wide range of video solutions for native ad units. Using its proprietary AI-enabled platform, they aim to provide more relevant contextual videos as well as unique native ad units.
iVideoSmart will also help to generate video views from page views, matchmaking the page content with organic video from the company-owned content exchange so that GMA expands its video offerings and increase video inventory.
Sze Chin Lee, Chief Operation Officer added “most of big data offerings in the market, including the largest digital platforms, aims at user profiling. We differentiate ourselves by framing the big data opportunity from the content angle, and by profiling content in a scale we believe can unlock most of the value in the media industry.”
Lastly, iVideoSmart will provide GMA the ability to provide dynamic ads into live streams giving them the ability to monetize just in time, in real time.
iVideosmart recently closed US$ 3.5 million Series A from leading VC Monk’s Hill Ventures, Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin and other two strategic investors.
The company plans to use the proceeds for commercial expansion and business development. With headquarters in Singapore and operations in the South East Asia, it is looking at both expanding in Asia and also in developed markets like USA, where the market rates for ads are higher.

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