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Spikes Asia 2017: First wave of shortlists announced, Dentsu Jayme Syfu, McCann Worldgroup Philippines, TBWASantiago Mangada Puno, J. Walter Thompson, Ogilvy Mather & Philippines gain nods

The first wave of Spikes Asia shortlists has been released, with a total of 20 entries coming from the Philippines across 13 categories. 

Dentsu Jayme Syfu’s “Dead Whale” installation for Greenpeace Philippines made waves with five shortlist mentions under the Design, Direct, Media, Outdoor, PR categories. 

Meanwhile, McCann Worldgroup Philippines reaped eight shortlists under Radio for “Dim Dads ‘Pedro’” for Maggi Magic Sarap, “Lives 1 of 3 – Frank”, “Lives 2 of 3 – Nicky”, and “Lives 3 of 3 – Hannah” for Fully Booked, with “Lives – Frank” and “Lives – Nicky” gaining places under the Script sub-category. McCann Worldgroup’s list also included the “Xenon ‘Clairvoyance’ Campaign” for Xenon and “Background” for non-profit organization Spark! Philippines.


TBWA\Santiago Mangada Puno continued their run for awards for “Correcting History” for The Campaign Against the Return of the Marcoses to Malacañang (CARMMA), which claimed three places under the Direct category and another one under Film with “Archimedes Trajano”. 

J. Walter Thompson Philippines came in with two mentions – “Clean Start” for Johnson & Johnson Philippines’ Listerine product under Design and “Stand Up” for Manulife under Film. 

Rounding out the Philippine shortlisters is Ogilvy & Mather Philippines with one spot for KFC’s “The Amphibious Delivery” under PR. 

Here are the the shortlist counts per category and links to the full lists for the first wave, which included Design, Direct, Entertainment, Film Craft, Film, Healthcare, Media, Outdoor, PR, Print & Outdoor Craft, Print & Publishing, Promo & Activation, and Radio. 

Under the Design category, Japan tallied 26; India in second with 10; Australia with 10; Thailand with 8; South Korea, Singapore, and China with five each; Bangladesh and Pakistan with one each; Hong Kong with four; and the Philippines with two. 

The Direct category came out with 59 shortlisted entries with 22 coming from Australia, nine from Japan, six from India, four from the Philippines, two each from China and Thailand, three each for Singapore and Hong Kong, and one from New Zealand. 

The Entertainment category tallied 25 entries in its shortlist. Australia claimed five, Japan and China with four mentions each, Chinese Taipei and Singapore with three entries each, Malaysia and South Korea with two spots, while Pakistan and Thailand gained one shortlist entry each. 

Under Film Craft, agencies from Japan and Australia produced the most number of shortlist entries with 19 and 16 respectively. Singapore followed with 12, New Zealand with six, China and India with four each, Malaysia with three, the USA and Chinese Taipei with two each, and Hong Kong with one mention. 

The Film category saw Japan getting the most number of shortlist nods with 20, followed by Singapore with 11, Australia with nine, India with seven, New Zealand, China, and Chinese Taipei with five each, Thailand with four, South Korea, Malaysia the Philippines with two each, and Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Pakistan with one mention each. 

Australia topped the Healthcare shortlist count with 19, India with 12, Singapore, Thailand, and China with three, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand with two, and South Korea and Hong Kong with one entry each. 

The Media category came up with 70 shortlisted entries composed of 29 from Australia, nine from India, six from China, five each from Singapore, South Korea and Japan,  four from New Zealand, two from Thailand, and one from the Philippines. 

Under Outdoor, Japan and Thailand tallied 10 each, Australia with nine, China, Hong Kong, and India with five, New Zealand with four, Indonesia and Singapore with three each, South Korea with two, and the Philippines with one. 

The PR category produced a total of 54 entries composed of 19 from Australia, nine from Japan, six from India, four from New Zealand, three each from South Korea, China, and Hong Kong, two each from Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines, and one from Pakistan. 

Japan produced the most number of shortlisted entries under Print & Outdoor Craft with 15, India with eight, Hong Kong with seven, China with six, Thailand with five, Indonesia and New Zealand with three each, and Singapore with two. 

Under the Print & Publishing category, Thailand produced 10, China with seven, Hong Kong with four, Indonesia, New Zealand, and South Korea, and India with three. 

The Promo & Activation category tallied 24 shortlisted entries from Australia, nine from Japan, seven each from New Zealand and India, six from South Korea, five from Thailand, two each from Singapore and Hong Kong, and one from Pakistan. 

Finally, the Radio category totalled 26 shortlisted entries, with New Zealand gaining the most number at 13, the Philippines in second with eight, India with three, and Australia with two nods. 

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