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Spikes Asia 2019: 49 Awards and Three Grand Prix Spikes – The Dentsu Team’s Haul from This Year’s Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity

SINGAPORE – Big smiles as APAC agencies took home big wins in this year’s Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity, especially for teams like Dentsu who garnered several accolades across the different stems included in this year’s awarding.

Dentsu, including all their branches in Taiwan, Japan, India and other arms in the Asia-Pacific, won a total of 49 awards, including three grand prix wins for Digital Craft, Radio & Audio, and Creative eCommerce Spikes. Dentsu was also placed second for Network of the Year, while Dentsu Inc., Tokyo placed second for APAC Agency of the Year.

Dentsu Inc., Tokyo won two out of the Grand Prix wins, namely for their campaigns for the Tokyo Stradivarius Festival/Nippon Violin Co., Ltd., and the Fukushima-MINPO Co./Radio Fukushima Co.


Digital Craft Spikes Grand Prix – “Timeless Journey” by Dentsu Inc., Tokyo for Tokyo Stradivarius Festival 2018 Committee / Nippon Violin Co., Ltd.

Timeless Journey describes the legacy of Antonio Stradivari and his violins. They say that as a Stradivarius instrument gets older, the more complex and romantic it begins to sound. Tracing the journey of such an instrument back hundreds of years, the campaign is the group’s attempt at making people travel back in time, to when they were being crafted in Italy to the different halls and theaters across the different time periods the violin has been to.

Dentsu, together with their partners in the campaign, built a gallery in central Tokyo at the Morj Arts Center Gallery in Roppongi, including recorded music from various eras played in an anechoic chamber, using historically appropriate strings and bowing.

The agency shares, they then processed the recordings to replicate acoustic environments from each era using architectural drawings, historical materials and 3D modeling.

The campaign’s creativity, ingenuity, and effectivity eventually landed it several accolades, a Digital Craft Grand Prix Spikes among others.

Radio & Audio Spikes Grand Prix – “Night Shake Drill Broadcast” by Dentsu Inc., Tokyo for Fukushima-MINPO Co. / Radio Fukushima Co.

Eight years after the Great East Japan Earthquake, and Dentsu felt they needed to take new action than just purely remembering the day so they can prepare for future natural disasters. Dentsu shares they redesigned ordinary daytime evacuation drills into something that could also be conducted at night in each household using a radio or smartphone, two things that can be found in almost every home.

Supervised by the Community Support Association for Disaster Mitigation, Dentsu made listeners tune into their radio while in the dark to experience what it was like to evacuate from their beds into the dead of the night. The program aired on Radio Fukushima on March 11, 2019 as means to commemorate the day disaster struck int he region.

The campaign, which earned a Radio & Audio grand prix win at Spikes, empowers people by enabling them with the know-how and experience of evacuating at night, or during a blackout.

Creative eCommerce Spikes Grand Prix Winner — “Hagglebot” for Flipkart by Dentsu Webchutney
Haggling is part of the shopping culture in India. Walk through the different marketplaces in Mumbai or Bangalore, and you’ll hear just by how much locals and tourists alike haggle. But what about online shopping?

You can’t charm your way through a deal when shopping on websites, or can you?

Dentsu’s digital arm in India, Dentsu Webchutney, was tasked by Flipkart to come up with a campaign where they can use voice command features to get the best deals available online. The group then worked together with Google to hook up the feature on Google Assistant, enabling shoppers to ask their phones to do the haggling for them.

The campaign, with its ingenuity and innovative approach to online retail, has earned it a top spot for Creative eCommerce in Spikes Asia 2019.

While Dentsu Inc., Tokyo bagged two Grand Prix wins and a spot at Special Awards, Dentsu Webchutney is the winningest in terms of quantity.Apart from Hagglebot, which won one bronze, four silvers, and a gold, several other campaigns got well-deserved recognition. Voice of Hunger, an online challenge for Swiggy, won one bronze, two silvers, and two golds. While anti-piracy campaign Codename: Uri for film group Trigger Happy got three bronze wins, one silver, and a gold.

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