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Spikes Asia 2019: “Luck doesn’t affect the game, hardwork does.” — Sonal Dabral on Advertising, Single Malts and Blackjack

SINGAPORE —  Ogilvy Chief Creative Officer and Ogilvy India Vice Chairman Sonal Dabral gave a fun session on Advertising, Single Malts and Blackjack. For his session in Spikes Asia 2019, he talked about the three things he loves the most — Advertising, Single Malts, and Blackjack. He shares both single malts and blackjack have a meditative effect for him, and that his genuine love for them enabled him to deepen his understanding of the two.

His love for the drink and the game eventually made him realize similarities the two shared with the advertising industry and helped him navigate his way around life and his career. Dabral says these passions of his provided him with life’s lessons. “Passions have taught me a few lessons that I use in the advertising profession. And sometimes they helped me kind of deal with life also.” 

In advertising, there’s pretty much a lot of gambling in terms of creating campaigns for the brand and its consumers. It’s important to be obsessed with the craft, never lose control and never play safe.

The obsession that the master distiller has over the process the patience, the love and care just to capture the perfect age and mixture for the drinkis what advertising can learn from, he says. Like single malt, relationships with clients get better the longer they know each other and work with each other, and it allows opportunities for better work to be made. 

“Just imagine what if for every piece of work that we do, we do it with the passion and craft of this master distiller. What if we give each of our relationships or friendships, the time that they need, the care that they need,” he said.

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