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Super Bowl 50’s most viral ads

The annual advertizing bonanza that is the National Football League’s Super Bowl has been even more lucrative in recent years due to the phenomenon that is sharing through social media. The opportunity of an ad going viral is something most brands and ad agencies aim for when creating these commercials.

Adweek notes that as of Monday morning, the 10 most viral ads from the big game telecast had been shared 2.9 million times. Though that may seem impressive, it actually represents a 36 percent decrease from 2015, when the top ad from Budweiser had been shared almost 4.5 million times by the same period.


Of the many ads aired, Doritos “Ultrasound” from agency Peter Carstairs was the most shared, ending a three year run by Budweiser as the most shared ad. The offbeat ad featuring a couple’s snack eating habits while having an ultrasound was shared 893,645 times as of Monday morning, more than double than its nearest competitor.

Behind it was T-Mobile’s “Restricted Bling” 60 second ad by Publicis Seattle featuring Drake being coached by industry executives, which had been shared 346,854 times. At third was Helen Mirren starring in Budweiser’s “Give a Damn” ad warning of the dangers of drunk driving. That ad was from Anomaly and had been shared 301,317 times.

Other ads that went viral include “Pokemon 20” by Omelet, Heinz “Weiner Stampede” by David Miami, Hyundai “First Date” by Innocean Worldwide, Mountain Dew “#PuppyMonkeyBaby” by BBDO New York, and T-Mobile “Drop the Balls” by Publicis Seattle.

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