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Why do Nintendo’s cartridges taste so bad?

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It has never occurred to anyone that taste-testing your gadgets before using them would ever be a thing, but that’s exactly what the public is doing.

The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s seventh major home console, and instead of large cartridges, its games come in tiny memory cards akin to an SD card for the camera. However, since its release, rumors have been circulating its cartridges tasted awful, which is why many grown adults have taken upon themselves to try and see if the rumors are true.


Some even question this predicament and the sanity of everyone trying it:

And for those who cannot stand the sounds of retching, here is a calmer version of it:

According to Nintendo, the horrendously bitter taste is to ensure parents that their kids would not eat any of the small memory cards, especially if they are inclined to stick anything they can in their mouths. The cartridges itself were coated with denatonium benzoate, the same liquid used in anti-nail biting serums and by manufacturers in cables and wires to prevent rodents chewing on them.

The compound is considered non-toxic. 

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