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Y&R Hong Kong launches ‘1-to-1’ data analytics & activation

HONG KONG – Y&R Hong Kong has announced the launch of 1-to-1, Y&R’s in-house first-party data analytics and activation capabilities, headed up by newly-appointed Head of Digital Commerce Kelvin Leung.

In just a few years, Leung is already well-known for his work building new digital services. His strong technical knowledge, plus his understanding of the digital realm and the value of consumer engagement, enables Kelvin to uncover different business opportunities in the digital environment.

Before joining Y&R, Leung was Head of Partnership Marketing at Compare Asia Group, where he built the Asia affiliate program and delivered measurable values to brands. Prior to this he spent almost a decade in marketing and advertising at top notch agencies and in-house companies in both Hong Kong and Canada.


Added Beverly Ho, General Manager Y&R Hong Kong, “Given that Hong Kong’s mobile penetration surpasses 200%, the heartbeat of marketing in this mobile-led digital economy lies in building personalized relationships with consumers. To achieve this, we need to know consumers well, and the closest version of today’s consumer truth lies in brands’ own first-party data.

“Marketers have acknowledged that first-party data delivers the highest return on investment of any data type, giving them a competitive advantage because it is unique to their business. The authenticity of first-party data provides deeper insight, inspires more meaningful and targeted messages to audiences with improved efficiency using programmatic advertising.

“Y&R Hong Kong’s new service, 1-to-1, is here to help brands win more customers.  First-hand consumer experience and brands’ own first-party data need to work hand in hand. With this new service, we aim to deliver engaging personalized content through data activation that is rooted in first-party data.”

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