Music: Cheats drops a Valentine’s Day treat with “Honey Calm Down”

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – People who have been in love with Cheats and their amazing music will be sure to enjoy their Valentine’s Day treat, “Honey Calm Down.” The song was released on the day of hearts, Feb. 14, on major streaming services by Island Records Philippines. Jim Bacarro, the band’s vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist, composed the song. The song was mostly recorded at home, but the drum parts were recorded in a studio. Sam Marquez (One Click Straight) mixed the track. Jim says that it was the band’s only studio experience in 2020.

“Honey Calm Down” is a new version of a song that has been in Jim’s pocket for some time. He first composed the song in 2017, but at the start of the pandemic in 2020, the song got a new arrangement and lyrics. Jim recalls that it was originally arranged as a guitar driven track from a male perspective. The song’s lyrics now reflect a female point of view, and it is now a smooth dance-pop track that shows a new dimension of Cheats’ sound.


“Honey Calm Down” centers on an intimate relationship and the insecurities those in that relationship have while in it. The song talks about being together in a relationship in a realistic way, being aware of its ups and downs. It’s not all wine and roses, but it’s about learning how to make love work.

Jim is looking forward to listeners appreciating this straightforward and certainly relatable song. He says that “Honey Calm Down” was the highlight of a very tough 2020. He is also looking forward to the song’s music video, which will drop February 16. As for 2022, Cheats looks forward to releasing more singles and, hopefully, more live shows.

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