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Revolver Films expands roster with acclaimed director Ross Allen

TORONTO, CANADA — Canadian production company Revolver Films has signed esteemed director Ross Allen for commercial representation. While representing Ross for all of Canada, Revolver Films will collaborate with his West Coast company, GOOD-IDEA, on select projects. The signing further strengthens Revolver Films’ commitment to fostering creativity, innovation, and meaningful storytelling in the world of filmmaking.

An accomplished director with over a decade of experience in the agency world, Ross has solidified his reputation as a storyteller dedicated to “the idea.” His profound understanding of messaging, brand identity, emotion, and creative strategy empowers him to craft narratives that resonate profoundly with audiences.

Ross’ successful career is lined with notable projects such as “Heartbeat of The Nation,” which raised funds for healthcare workers and earned accolades like a Young Director Award nomination and a Vimeo Staff Pick. His collaborations with Audi, which led him to meet Canadian astronaut and engineer Colonel Chris Hadfield, have also garnered praise and are a testament to Ross’ ability to execute creative ideas.


Most recently, Ross unveiled his latest film, This is Golf, a game-changing insight into the modern golf scene, presenting the sport in a fresh, authentic light. Made with love, for the love of the game, the film is a combination of Ross’s two passions, filmmaking and golf, with the intention of unapologetically subverting audience expectations of the sport. Spotlighting the fascinating and diverse community of golfers through a “punk” fashion lens, Ross shares the stories of these golfers on a personal level, capturing their interpretation of golf through unique and intimate camera angles. 

Ross commented, “To me, Revolver is a ‘filmmaker’s’ production house where the craft, intention, and tone of each commercial really feels more like a film. In getting to know Luc and Richie, I really resonate with their love for film, their grit to help the director capture their vision, and their mission for Canadian advertising. I’ve always looked up to the amazing directors on its roster, and I feel proud and comfortable in their company. By partnering with Revolver, I want to become one of Canada’s most formidable directors.”

Richard Cureton, Executive Producer and Managing Partner at Revolver Films, shared, “When we first connected with Ross and poured through his work, it just had the Revolver feel to it if that makes sense. There is infinite potential and it’s inspiring to us to see what is next for Ross. We see Good Idea, his BC (British Columbia) based production company as a huge asset, him having a team of trusted collaborators in his hometown can only benefit both parties. We look forward to a great relationship with them.”

Luc Frappier, Executive Producer and Managing Director at Revolver Films, added, “We couldn’t be more thrilled about signing Ross to Revolver. It shows that when passion for creativity along with execution is valued and held as almost sacred, the opportunity to seek and sign extremely talented, high-level directors such as Ross is a reinforcement of the shared values around building a body of work with meaning and intention.”

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