FCB Kuala Lumpur group ECD Tin Sanchez shares ten things she’s learned for 2015 and beyond:

1.Some wonderful things in life happen this way: 
Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, still nothing, 
nothing, nothing, nothing; and then all of a sudden – EVERYTHING. 

2. Don’t let your ‘awesomeness’ get to your head. Sometimes you win only because others let you. 

3. People who hog the credit will also be gifted with all the pressure. 

4. Praying isn’t always in the form of words. Sometimes it’s silence and knowing someone’s listening. 

5. Some bad people come into your life to make you a good person. 

6. Femininity is power. 

7. When someone disrespects you, it’s because they need respect. 

8. You really need to eat less to lose weight! 

9. Lies confuse and the truth can silence a room. 

10. If you pay attention to good things, they’ll multiply.

ABOUT Cristina ‘Tin’ Sanchez
Tin sums up her philosophy in one line: purpose + beauty. Combined, she believes the result is something impossible to ignore. It has helped her became one of the youngest Executive Creative Directors in Asia from only a handful of female creative heads in the region. During her tenure, BBDO Guerrero racked up a list of achievements: Rising to the Gunn Report’s Top 50, The Department Of Tourism’s ‘It’s more fun in the Philippines’, WARC’s third smartest campaign in the world for 2013, Pantene ‘Labels Against Women’, Bayan DSL’s ‘Lola Techie’, The #Unselfie, and most recently, Campaign’s Philippine Agency of The Year for 2014. Her passion for advertising comes from a love for storytelling, problem-solving, observing people and coaching inspired minds. She now leads FCB Kuala Lumpur as Group ECD.

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