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Brand & Business: Airfunding launches ‘Airfunding Cares Medical Caravan’ for 2021 kicking off in Baguio City

MAKATI, PHILIPPINES – Airfunding recently launched its Airfunding Cares Medical Caravan kicking off in Baguio City and key cities in Luzon this January 10, 2021. The caravan aims to help more people in need of financial assistance to pay for their medical needs through crowdfunding. The sad truth about the healthcare system in the Philippines has overwhelmed a lot of Filipinos especially those who are currently suffering from serious health conditions. Although the government has a universal health care system yet most of the bills, treatment and medication are not covered. Many patients end up not getting proper treatment because of the lack of financial capacity and support from the healthcare system.

“Our company is concerned about the healthcare condition in the Philippines as 50% of projects created on our platform are medical in nature. We have supported 20,000 number of cases with a total of $350,000 in Philippines since we launched Airfunding in 2018. By having this caravan, we hope to help more people in the Philippines.” – Ryosuke Abe

Airfunding Cares is an initiative project of the company as part of its core commitment to reach out to the less privileged sectors of society. The Medical Caravan intends to educate Filipinos with the use of crowdfunding to help them raise funds to pay for their medical needs. Next stop is Cebu and Bohol this February then finishing the leg in Davao City by March.


Airfunding serves as a global platform for donations for people in need of medical assistance, relief/calamity aid, or any cause that needs funding where people can share their act of kindness through small donations to their chosen causes.

There is help beyond borders and barriers, Airfunding has over 10,000,000 supporters around the world and can be accessed in 200+ countries. Airfunding is free to use, anyone can register and start creating projects in less than 5 minutes. Airfunding hopes to attract more Filipinos to create more projects, whether for personal, for the community or for any cause (so that the world will see and send their support).

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