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Brand & Business: Social Media Wit, Sass, and Humor, Plus the Donations Made by Ligo Philippines to COVID-19 Relief and Response Efforts

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – There’s a reason why Ligo Philippines, the Filipino-owned company that built its name through selling sardines, has gotten so much engagement on social media. That’s because they’ve been so quick to ride on political and social issues, while injecting a unique Filipino kind of sense of humor that has actually worked quite well for the brand. Witty and sassy, their tweets may seem brazen and bold but has mostly gotten laughs from their growing social media following.

One of their initial social media posts as enhanced community quarantine measures were enacted was about not needing “special powers” to open their cans. For context, at the time, there was a debate in the Philippines on whether or not the executive branch of the government should be given special powers in lieu of rapidly increasing coronavirus cases.

And yes, they also made a post about social distancing, getting the brand a slew of  positive comments and meme-worthy reactions.


And as issues over defective donated testing kits rose in Spain and the Philippines, they also had something to say:


And as the country waited for updates on the breakdown of the national government’s plans and budget allocations for COVID-19 containment, they too had a breakdown to release, and it’s one that they’ve had no trouble sharing:


The brand has acquired a soft spot in the hearts of creatives. For one thing, they aren’t afraid to use unusual or self-deprecating humor, satire, and sarcasm:


And as creatives learn to love the brand, the brand has also shown some love for creatives by allowing them to share their own take on their campaigns, especially as they chose to reallocate their advertising funds to COVID-19 relief efforts.


And although the brand has been posting humor and jokes on social media, rest assured that they have been taking the global pandemic quite seriously.

With regards to reallocating their advertising funds for relief and aid operations, this is what they had to say:

“We will work hard to provide for you in times that you need us most,” says Ligo Vice President for Advertising and Promotion Macky Tung. “We pledge to deliver food and supplies, including our classic products, to the most affected families and communities; provide relief and assistance to health workers and other front liners; and equip them with Personal Protective Equipment. We will coordinate with Local Government Units to ensure orderly distribution.”

This is just the beginning of our bayanihan. We know that as one nation, one family, we will persevere and see better days,” adds Tung.

See their full statement below:

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