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Extraordinary Valentine’s date and gift ideas for extraordinary couples

MANILA – We all have an idea of a perfect Valentine’s date but that doesn’t always mean a fancy candlelight dinner, or a bouquet of flowers and a box of expensive chocolates. For some, beers and Cheetos out on the balcony away from crowded restaurants and horrible traffic or a romantic picnic and walk in a nearby park work just fine.

But for extraordinary couples, one of these extraordinary ideas might just be the perfect kind of date for you:

The Matakaw Couple


According to a study by Southern Methodist University in Dallas in 2013, the happier couples are, the more weight they gain. So couples who think food is life should be nothing but proud! And what better gift can you get your significant other than a bouquet of mouthwatering bacon roses? For P1,500 you can order a half a dozen bacon roses from Lazy Bastard and have it delivered to wherever the love of your life is.

The Kalog Couple

Some couples best show their love by giving their significant other a good laugh. So, if your love language is outdoing each other by setting up the silliest pranks, then these pamatay flower arrangements by Saint Jo Flowers might just set the bar higher. For P1,000, a pamatay flower arrangement with dead clever puns, surely is something your significant other hasn’t received in their lifetime.

The Mapang-arugang Couple

Happiness is best when shared. It could be that you’re the only couple in the barkada and you have no choice but to cradle a lonely friend from time to time, or you just have the purest of hearts and don’t mind the company of a buddy on a date, then it’s time to up the ante by taking this friend to Cow & Chicken Modern Brunch Dining on Valentine’s Day. For every couple paying P599.00 each for a three-course meal, the restaurant will be throwing in a free meal for the third wheel.


Full house day 1 of Cow & Chicken’s Table for Two


The Cheesy Couple

Sometimes when we’re so in love, we tend to get a little–ok, a lot–cheesy. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Everyone deserves a chick flick-like romantic getaway once in a while. So, if you are willing to go the extra mile this Valentine’s day, head on over to Cordova, Cebu with your significant other and share a cup of warm coffee and a plate of Marinara pasta overlooking a field of 10,000 glowing white LED roses at Roses Café.

The Filthy Rich Couple

If you have more money than you can handle and a proposal or a renewal of vows under way, go all out and spend a night at The Manila Hotel’s luxurious presidential suite. For P1,000,000 a night (seriously), you don’t only get 5-star accommodation and treatment, you also get to be picked up and sent home in a chauffeured Rolls Royce, and take a 15-minute sunset tour of Manila Bay in no less than a helicopter where you can pop the question and have everything documented by a video and photo team also included in the ‘Sky’s the Limit’ package. The package includes a host of over-the-top features like a five-course Chef’s Table dinner, a harpist playing live music, pampering massage, and countless goodies including personalized champagne glasses and Dior perfume and skin products.

The not-in-a-couple

Valentine’s is not just about couples. It’s about celebrating love and life and being in control of your own happiness. So, even if you’re single, go ahead and book your own date who will not just be cute and will come bearing flowers but will also delight you in a serenade. Just get your phone, open your Grab app and click on #GrabBae, and watch your knight in shining Grab Car race to give you a Valentine’s day to remember (and without spending a single centavo!).


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