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FEU campaigns against spread of fake news

MANILA – As a response to the growing need to stop dissemination of false information, Far Eastern University, through its Public Policy Center (PPC), conducts a forum titled: “Spotted: #FakeNews.” The forum aims to provide FEU students with knowledge on responsible digital behavior, including identifying bogus information.

“The spread of fake news has become easier through the internet and social media, where today’s generation get their information from. As an educational institution, it is our responsibility to help our students evaluate and verify the kind of information they receive through these platforms,” says FEU president Dr. Michael Alba.

The forum welcomes an esteemed panel of speakers whose insights are formed from their impressive professional backgrounds:



The FEU Public Policy Center hosts “Spotted: #FakeNews”, a forum that provides FEU students with knowledge on responsible digital behavior, including identifying bogus information.

Maria Ressa, the CEO of Rappler online news website, gives light on how fake news is produced. A veteran journalist, Ressa is noted for her work as an investigative reporter for CNN.

Raymund Liboro, Privacy Commissioner and Chairman of the National Privacy Commission, explains the rights and responsibilities of digital citizens. Liboro is a seasoned Information and Communications Technology professional, and is now working to have our data privacy and protection rules to be at par with global data protection regulations.

Completing the panel of speakers is Nikko Dizon of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. She shares her tips on how to vet sources of information.

In line with the campaign to raise awareness on fabricated stories, The FEU Student Development partners with FPPC to create a Truth Alliance to ensure the integrity of online information.

To help ensure the integrity of online information, Far Eastern University, through its
Public Policy Center (PPC), conducts a forum titled:“Spotted:#FakeNews.”

“With the prevalence of malicious information and dubious media outlets, FEU students are seeking to educate themselves and their peers on how to spot fake news and accounts. The creation of the Truth Alliance is the students’ initiative to promote vigilance and responsibility among consumers of information,” says FEU AVP for Academic Affairs Joeven Castro.

In main photo are (from L-R) FEU Assistant Vice President for Academic Services Joeven Castro, FEU Public Policy Center Executive Director Julia Abad, RockEd Philippines Founder Therese Capati, Rappler CEO Maria Ressa, Philippine Daily Inquirer Reporter Nikko Dizon, and National Privacy Commissioner Raymundo Liboro.

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