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Friendster and SMART launch P20 for 24-hour plan

Friendster-all-you-can for 24 hours.  SMART subscribers can have their fill of the social media site as the telecom giant shook hands on the launch of ‘Friendster Mobile UNLI P20’.

The data plan is available to all SMART Buddy and Smart Gold subscribers in the Philippines with 3G/ HSPA/ HSDPA handsets.  Subscribers can access the ‘Friendster Mobile UNLI’ data plan at <> from their mobile phone’s web browser.
"The ‘Friendster Mobile UNLI P20’ data plan was designed to benefit millions of Filipinos who are SMART subscribers and want to stay connected with friends and family anytime, anywhere, and in a cost effective way," said Jaime Ocampo, APAC head of mobile business development at Friendster. "We’re excited to partner with SMART on this service as it meets the needs of our community and increases our suite of mobile features," he said.

To remain subscribed to the plan, users must maintain a minimum balance of P1 with a charge of P20 for each 24-hour period they are subscribed.  The P20 24 hour unlimited rate is available via standard mobile browsers only.   Users of alternative browsers such as Opera Mini or when users use their phone as a PC modem cannot access. The P20 rate is only available on <> and does not apply to any other sites.


Users will be charged SMART’s standard rate of P10 for every 30 minutes while browsing other sites.

"Launching the ‘Friendster Mobile UNLI P20’ data plan further illustrates our commitment to building a robust set of mobile offerings for SMART subscribers," said Annie Naval, marketing head at SMART Communications. "We’re looking forward to watching this service grow in popularity and launching additional products and services with Friendster," she added.
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