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Brand & Business: UNObank becomes UNO Digital Bank; introduces brand identity

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Ahead of its intended launch in Q2, 2022, UNObank Inc., a digital bank licensed under the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ Digital Banking License framework, has rebranded UNObank to UNO Digital Bank. The new name reiterates the digital nature of the bank’s business. Together with the name change comes a new visual identity for the brand, inclusive of logo, refreshed color palette, as well as icons.

Manish Bhai, UNO Digital Bank Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer Manish Bhai, who is also the co-founder of the Singapore-headquartered financial technology company UNOAsia Pte. Ltd., one of the primary incorporators of UNObank Inc., said, “We are a credit-led digital bank that is pioneering an elevated approach to banking: one that makes meeting life’s financial needs simple and accessible for the customer, while also fueling growth and innovation in the industry. These are the attributes that we have mirrored in the new brand.”

“We are not content with functioning on the status quo. Instead, our work is innovation-led and growth-focused, committed to always being numero uno when it comes to meeting needs and adding value to our stakeholders,” he added.


Who is UNO Digital Bank?

UNO Digital Bank is a full-spectrum credit-led digital bank that elevates customers by making banking simple, better, and accessible. UNO Digital Bank will offer one trusted interface to meet anyone’s full financial needs for life, with speed and ease.

UNO Digital Bank elevates the customer’s way of life by helping them address their present financial needs while growing their confidence and capacity to meet long-term financial goals.

UNO Digital Bank offers simplicity. Money is complicated enough; UNO Digital Bank will make it simple by translating the complex world of financial management into easy, actionable tools and steps that help customers grow both in their wealth and in the confidence to manage and maximize it.

UNO Digital Bank is fast. UNO Digital Bank helps customers bank at the speed of life, managing their money in real-time. UNO Digital Bank doesn’t believe people should “make time” for banking; instead, banking should be a natural part of life and its routines and should be accomplished in line with that speed.

UNO Digital Bank wants to be better. Not only to grow with customers but also to grow customers. By offering better products and a smarter banking experience, UNO Digital Bank helps customers achieve financial goals and grow in their capacity to meet ever-evolving financial needs. UNO Digital Bank elevates those who bank.

UNO Digital Bank is accessible. Wherever and whenever the customer needs to monitor, maximize, grow, or secure their money, UNO Digital Bank should be there to help them do it. UNO Digital Bank doesn’t ask the customer to go to them. Neither does UNO Digital Bank go to the customers. Instead, UNO Digital Bank is already where they are, the moment they need to reach (for) them.

Look and Feel

The primary color palette of the UNO Digital Bank logo represents four aspects of financial needs: Manage Money (Capri), Grow Money (French Violet), Leverage Money (Steel Pink), and Secure Money (Goldenrod). UNO Digital Bank’s icons represent these four aspects of financial needs.

Visit www.UNObank.Asia to learn more about UNO Digital Bank.

About UNO Digital Bank
UNO Digital Bank is a full-spectrum credit-led digital bank licensed under the Digital Banking License framework by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) in the Philippines. With UNO Digital Bank, Filipinos can use one trusted app to save, borrow, transact, invest, and protect their money; to manage their finances with speed and ease. UNO Digital Bank will officially be launched once the BSP issues the Certificate of Authority.

About UNOAsia Pte. Ltd.
Singapore headquartered financial technology company UNOAsia Pte. Ltd., is one of the primary incorporators of UNO Digital Bank.

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