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Komura; book fair pushes the boundaries of storytelling in the Philippines

MANILA – Supported by homegrown logistics company Xend, Warehouse Eight together with Kwago is bringing Komura; book fair back with new pockets of experiences and initiatives to enjoy and help imagine what storytelling could become.

Another intimate gathering of independent and specialty press, experimental storytellers, and art and bookshops around the Philippines, the second iteration of Komura; is happening on June 16, 2018, at Warehouse Eight, La Fuerza Compound, Makati City. Featuring exciting new sections and programs, next month’s Komura; is comprised of:

Komura; Pixel – local indie video games and immersive storytelling in tech


Komura; Playground – shared space for individual zine makers experimenting on print

Komura; Studio – visual poetry and zine workshops

Komura; Creators Grant – funding a local creative with a crazy idea

Echoes – stripped-down gigs featuring musicians as storytellers; a platform to express

Book Bar – fiction-inspired cocktails and coffee

Vinyl and lounge area – musicians selling EPs and old records from their personal collection

A favorite workspace of young creative entrepreneurs in Makati, Warehouse Eight is all about designing unique experiences and disrupting the status quo to create something new and worth going to. For Komura, the 2-year-old co-working space wants to surprise its growing community by breaking everyone’s expectations of what a typical book fair should be.

“We want Komura; to be a place where you can discover new artists and writers otherwise unknown, not just a place to buy and sell books. You go there to connect, discuss, have a beer with and initiate meaningful conversations with creators in the community,” Warehouse Eight co-owner and Komura; co-founder Kayla Dionisio shared.

More than just a bookstore, Kwago aims to explore more ways to make reading more exciting for millennials who are becoming more and more attached to their screens rather than connecting in real life.

“There’s nothing wrong with tech. I love innovation and video games. We need it! But there should be a balance. Technology shouldn’t be de-personalizing. With Komura; we want to find ways how to marry literature with technology, to make it more human while still pushing the envelope in storytelling,” Kwago owner and Komura; co-founder Czyka Tumaliuan said.

A purely independent initiative, Komura; keeps on finding ways to provide support to the creative community. The highlight of this upcoming fair is the launch of the Komura; Creators Grant.

“The reality is we need money to be creative. You need a cushion so you could think of an innovative concept and funds to buy materials,” Dionisio said.

“Only gods could create out of nothing,” Tumaliuan quipped.

Homegrown logistics company Xend is sponsoring the grant with the aim to help the local, independent maker community grow and make their practices more sustainable.

“Collaborating with Komura; is our step towards incubating the broader community, particularly the artisans, independent zine makers, and creative entrepreneurs. Impact beyond our corporate room is key to our shared success,” Xend VP for partnerships JT Solis shared.

Event promptly starts at 10 AM on June 16.  Door charge is PHP 200. But children below 10 years of age will only be charged PHP 100. Tickets come with special bookworm goodies from Komura;.

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