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Sonata makes every compliment more powerful and stylish in this heartwarming spot by DDB Mudra

BANGALORE, INDIA — Indian watch brand Sonata launched its new campaign that spreads cheer for the festive season. The brand has released a digital video created by creative agency DDB Mudra highlighting the positive effects that compliments can have on a person’s life. The campaign builds on the idea that sharing compliments is the best way to connect with each other and it holds the power to make a person’s day.

The video vividly captures the campaign’s message, and creates positive, meaningful, and impactful conversations which have been at the heart of every campaign by Sonata. This brilliantly executed campaign showcases the unmatchable power of compliments in three chain situations.

In one of the instances, a boss helps his colleague overcome her nervousness through a “thumbs up” sign. The colleague while going home from work compliments a guy feeding the stray dog, through a cute “heart” sign. The guy on his way compliments a lady who is ready for her big day through a “fist bump.” Throughout the film, Sonata plays a central part by making these cute hand gestures a stylish act.


“As a brand, Sonata has always received a lot of adulation from consumers. We have always stood for optimism and truly believe in the ripple effect that positive cheer can have on our audiences. With the new campaign, we hope to build a great conversation starter via the exchange of compliments. This is a carefully designed campaign to create space to share the brand’s vision for this festive season,” said Subish Sudhakaran, Marketing Head of Titan Company Limited.

Commenting on the campaign, DDB Mudra Senior Creative Director Jaffer Vemmully said, “The power that a compliment holds is unmatchable. It invokes a sense of optimism in the receiver’s mind and makes them feel good about themselves. Our thought was simple for this campaign film, to be a part of the world, in a kinder way, and make compliments contagious or a language that needs to be spoken more.”

Sonata has introduced its new range of fashion watches as a part of the festive campaign. The brand nudges people to come closer this festive season in the shared hopes of celebrating it in the way we used to before the pandemic.

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