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Strongbow Apple Cider channels ‘ASMR’ this Chinese New Year

The Digital Campaign Taps Consumer’s Emotions and Sensations with a Tingle Inducing Playlist Made by its Apple Ciders.

Kuala Lumpur, 25 January 2019 – Strongbow Apple Ciders launched its Chinese New Year campaign that features a playlist of refreshing sounds of the brand’s much-loved apple ciders. For the first time, Strongbow is leveraging on the power of autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) technology to invigorate the festivity. The campaign – aims to illustrate the magic of sounds, made from a bottle or can of Strongbow Apple Ciders.

The narrative of the campaign lies in every title of the five tunes in the playlist; each named after relatable festive scenarios –created to refresh awkward conversations during the Chinese New Year celebrations.


“With subtle brand mentions, we lead the consumer through various conversations during the festive gatherings and provide a ‘sensorial’ solution to creatively engage with friends and family.

It’s a great story to convey to our consumers and for them to share the refreshing moment with their loved ones. That’s exactly how we intend to add value for our consumers, especially during this festive period,” said Jiri Rakosnik, Marketing Director of Heineken Malaysia Berhad.

Embracing the calming, enjoyable sounds in every bottle, Strongbow tapped on to the trending approach of ASMR to build that cultural connection with its consumer while also stimulating the reinvigoration process through the sounds produced by its apple ciders.

The binaural audio experience covers from the clinking of ice cubes right to the very last sip of the apple cider. The monologues were performed by local prominent dubbing artists like Jo Kukathas, Davina Goh, Jeremy Teoh and Denise Chan. 

“Rather than telling our audience how our product’s actual taste, the campaign conveys a specific feeling generated by the sounds of product – from time they open a bottle of our apple ciders – the goal of the campaign is to introduce an inspiring, emotional, refreshing experience that will savour every moment spent with their loved ones,” he added. Rakosnik also said that the format of ASMR tunes allows the brand to not only convey its character in a pleasant, calming way but also demonstrates that Strongbow has its ways to ‘refresh’ every occasion, scenario or mood.

The festive campaign will also be working with some prominent influencers who will be sharing their personal experiences and creatively interacting with their audiences through a combination of hashtags, videos and posts on Instagram.

The tingle-inducing playlist recorded is now available on which is also offering exclusive Drinkies promo-codes for Strongbow Apple Ciders which can be redeemed till 17th February 2019. More information on Strongbow Apple Ciders’ please visit our website . Keep updated by following the Facebook page ( and Instagram page (@Strongbow_MY), as well as hashtags #StrongbowMY #RefreshingByNature

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