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Ticket2Me revolutionizes Philippine ticketing industry

MANILA – Inefficient ticketing services including over-the-phone transactions and inconvenient trips to selling booths will soon be things of the past as Ticket2Me, the country’s most innovative ticketing platform, provides ticket buyers and sellers a new, more convenient way to transact online.

Ticket2Me, the first blockchain-enabled ticketing platform in Southeast Asia, allows anyone to buy tickets anytime, anywhere. Once tickets are purchased through the website or mobile apps, event-goers receive their electronic tickets online through the Ticket2Me mobile app and their e-mail accounts, eliminating the risk of lost or damaged paper tickets. On the flip side, producers – using only their mobile phones – get real-time, on-site ticket verification capabilities through their Ticket2Me mobile apps which they can use to easily scan the event-goers’ tickets to facilitate entry into the venue. This streamlined yet secure process ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience for event-goers as lengthy ticket-buying and entry queues are eliminated. Also, producers do away with cumbersome ticket stub collection, guest list control, ticket sales accounting as the Ticket2Me platform provides them with an online event management dashboard with complete audience analytics that enables organizers to understand their audiences better to formulate sales and marketing strategies for their current and future events.


Darwin Mariano-Founder and CEO

Ticket2Me is the brainchild of founder and CEO Darwin Mariano, who has also dabbled in producing original Filipino musicals and plays. Throughout the course of his forays in theater production, he has exceedingly grown frustrated with the difficulties surrounding the existing ticketing platforms. “That’s why I built Ticket2Me, so that producers and ticket buyers have a platform that works for them and not the other way around. It was very inconvenient for audiences to go to ticket outlets to buy tickets. Those who wanted to buy online were required to have credit cards, which not everyone has. Ticket2Me found a way to solve that,” he said. 

With the event-goer’s convenience in mind, Ticket2Me boasts of the biggest array of payment options among all the country’s ticketing platforms. Aside from traditional credit card and PayPal transactions, Ticket2Me also accepts payments through 7-Eleven, MLhuiller, ECPay and GCash – with over 9,135 convenient payment outlets throughout the country combined. Ticket2Me also ensures benefits for event producers by lessening their overhead costs through removing the need for expensive ticket equipment or ticket booth rentals in cinemas, malls and bookstores.

“The response from event organizers, show producers, venue managers, and ticket buyers have been fantastic,” Mariano said, adding: “They’ve told us how they appreciate the innovation we are bringing to the event ticketing landscape and how we’re making all their lives easier because of our platform. Producers love the fact that, unless they decide otherwise, they get to use the Ticket2Me platform for free! Because of their amazing support, Ticket2Me is growing faster than any of us could have imagined. Since the platform went live in May, our user base [both ticket buyers and event organizers] has grown 305% month-on-month. We’ve seen a 644% spike in ticket orders month-on-month and a 453% increase in ticket sales for the same period.”

Ticket2Me is purely and proudly Philippine-made and is poised to be a major player in the global ticketing industry estimated to be worth US$35.9 billion in 2018 and growing at a 10.4% annual growth rate (CAGR 2018-2022) resulting in a market volume of US$53.2 billion by 2022. Spurred on by Ticket2Me’s impact on organizers and ticket buyers alike, Mariano promises further features such as machine learning, near field communication, and dynamic pricing, all in an effort to make Ticket2Me “one of, if not the best, online ticketing systems available to event organizers in the Philippines and all over the world.”

For more information, visit the Ticket2Me website at or download the Ticket2Me mobile apps from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Organizers can also get in touch via

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