Y&R’s Josh Moore, man behind ‘McWhopper’, on making creativity the heart of every advertising work

BORACAY – Since the dawn of technology and digital, advertising campaigns have been focusing on maximizing these media, sometimes failing to put the idea and creativity at the core. However, in 2016, advertising agencies and brands have come to their senses as evidenced by the award-winning PR works such as REI’s #OptOutside, and The Swedish Number.

In his talk, Y&R Australia and New Zealand’s Chief Creative Officer, Josh Moore, who is in the Philippines as part of the Kidlat Awards 2017 jury, shared that 2016 was a turning point for creative people.

“There were a lot of strong ideas that didn’t need much of the digital back end. They didn’t need amazing amount of tech and media. Just great ideas,” said Moore. And Burger King’s ‘McWhopper’ by Y&R New Zealand, the most awarded campaign in 2016 was one of those.


Apart from the multi-awarded Burger King print ad, Moore also shared some of Y&R’s works that didn’t depend too much on technology and digital, but on great ideas that were made not just for advertising but for people.

‘Love from Land Rover’

The film itself ran on Facebook but the campaign is about four Land Rover fans that had the best Valentine’s day of their lives after Land Rover secretly resurrected their busted 1957 Series I Land Rover and was returned in tip top shape to its owners.

‘Breast Milk’

Breast Cancer Cure is the agency’s only pro-bono client. Working with zero budget, Y&R helped the organization raise funds by partnering with Lewis Road Creamery. The cow’s milk brand simply changed its labels to ‘Breast Milk’ and was sold in stores. For every bottle of ‘Breast Milk’ sold, a portion went to fund cancer research.

Y&R New Zealand/ Breast Cancer Cure/ Breast Milk from YoungRubicam on Vimeo.

‘Jaguar Virtual Reality’

Since virtual reality became more accessible through cheaper VR googles like the Google Cardboard, brands are thinking of all the ways they can use this technology. For this Jaguar campaign, Y&R took the opposite route, showing us all that nothing beats actual reality.

Y&R New Zealand/ Jaguar/ Actual Reality from YoungRubicam on Vimeo.

At the end of the day, every creative should only remember one thing when thinking about ideas according to Moore, “Your mom has to see and like your work. Your mom is your consumer. So, if your mom’s not going to see it, your idea is probably just for advertising as opposed to people.”

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