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Awards: Hope through listening: PumaPodcast bags two Gold Anvil Awards

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — As podcasting gains more local prominence, PumaPodcast wins two gold trophies at the Public Relations Society of the Philippines’ 57th Anvil Awards. Thanks to their use of engaging sound design to tell relevant stories, their shows, What’s AP? Araling Panlipunan Rebooted and Bago ang Lahat, were recognized as excellent PR tools at the Gabi ng Parangal held on February 24.

This year’s theme was Humanity First, highlighting the importance of PR in spreading messages of hope and optimism, and recognizing that public relations tools are not merely for promoting brands, but also instruments that can be mobilized for good.

Having taken home three Anvils last year and a Merit Award at the 25th Human Rights Press Awards, this latest commendation further builds the credibility of podcasts as a public relations tool.


Through What’s AP? Araling Panlipunan Rebooted and Bago ang Lahat, PumaPodcast’s signature narrative audio encapsulates relevant, and perhaps unfamiliar information into easy-to-absorb snapshots about history and about well-known local leaders across various industries.

Bago ang Lahat was created in partnership with YouthLed, a project of The Asia Foundation and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), stemming from the need to educate the youth about their power as leaders and as voters. In episodes lasting less than an hour each, host Kat Ventura is joined by guests including the figure’s family, biographers, and advocates to take a look at who these leaders were before they rose to the positions of prominence that they are known for. By telling the stories of a young whiz kid who would become Washington SyCip, or a young mechanic who would become President Ramon Magsaysay, and more, the show inspires its listeners to pursue their own goals.

Ventura shares, “The heroic and accomplished women and men we read about in school were once young people too. Young people who deliberately chose to play an active role in nation building. This inspiring series reminds us, the youth of today, of our power to shape society and challenges us to keep the flame alive!”

For its part, What’s AP? Takes a fun, fresh look into compelling stories about our rich history that may not have been covered in class. Its hosts, comedian, and historian Sab Schnabel, and self-professed history nerd Ceej Tantengco, operate under the idea that people learn better when they’re entertained.

Tantengco says, ”If singing about the Scarborough Shoal to the tune of Moana can teach people about maritime history, or if taste-testing local chocolates help people appreciate our history as a cacao producer, why not?”

Both these shows embody the unique opportunity for learning that comes with audio. You can take podcasts almost anywhere with you. The audio-focused medium widens the space to share and absorb information because it can fit neatly into the multitasking many of us have grown accustomed to – especially students. PumaPodcast’s own audience research shows that listeners plug into shows to help them make sense of what’s going on and take deep dives into topics they care about – like history, in this case – so why not make it as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Innovative storytelling is at the core of PumaPodcast’s work, as it pursues its mission to build a world that listens. Hand in hand with the brands and foundations that support their work, the team is ready to keep pushing toward that goal with each new show and episode.

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