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Awards: Pringles wins the highest accolade for creative communication in Bangladesh for Cricket season campaign

MUMBAI, INDIA — Snacking major Pringles’ “This Cricket Season Bangladesh CAN!” campaign has been awarded the highest level of recognition “Grand Prix” under the packaging category at COMMWARD 2021 through a virtual award gala. The award was organized by the Bangladesh Brand Forum (BBF) in association with Cannes Lions – International Festival of Creativity and The Daily Star, the leading English newspaper in Bangladesh.

Cricket is religiously followed in Bangladesh and evokes a very strong sense of patriotism amongst its citizens. As part of the campaign, a Special Edition Pringles ‘CAN’ was launched, which not only captures the cricketing spirit of Bangladesh but also becomes an embodiment of the belief of its countrymen that their team ‘CAN’ win the World Cup.
Now in its 10th edition, COMMWARD: Excellence in Creative Communication is the highest accolade for Creative communication in Bangladesh. Since 2009, the award has been organized by Bangladesh Brand Forum (BBF), in association with Cannes Lions – International Festival of Creativity to celebrate creativity in the field of marketing communication and inspirational creativity.


On receiving the prestigious accolade, Vishal Bhusari, Director of Sales, Kellogg South Asia said, “It’s a moment of pride for the team to be collecting this award. The campaign was built on an interesting approach of Pringles being the only brand of chips sold in a ‘CAN’. Others were sold in ‘Bags’. The ‘This Cricket Season Bangladesh CAN!’ helped us capitalize on increased in-home snacking during the Cricket World Cup using an ambush campaign at the point of sale.”

Vinay Thakker, Founder and CEO of Oddinary, whose team helped build the creative said, “Packaging is the most intimate form of communication where the brand actually interacts with the consumer. The idea was to enable the brand to celebrate cricket just like the local people would. And we’re glad we could make a human connection with the audience. After all, an ambush marketing campaign can only work if the people identify with it. It takes a very special brand managing team to encourage this kind of passionate work.”

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