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Yell Bangkok and Sounds Shanghai strengthen partnership with momentous award wins in China

BANGKOK, THAILAND — In September, advertising digital agency Yell Bangkok expanded its international reach by forming a partnership with pioneering creative firm Sounds Shanghai in China and started to market in China and across the ASEAN region.

By the end of 2022, Yell Bangkok won two gold and two silver trophies at China’s ECI Awards, Shanghai International Advertising Festival, and ROI Awards.


Yell won in a wide range of categories, including:

  • Gold, Marketing Innovation, ECI Awards 2022, Sing a Wrong The Song is Right (iQIYI)
  • Silver, Metaverse Innovation, ECI Awards 2022, MetaWORTH (CPF)
  • Silver, Marketing Innovation, Shanghai International Advertising Festival 2022 (SHIAF), Sing a Wrong The Song is Right (iQIYI)
  • Gold, Marketing Innovation, ROI Awards Festival 2022, Sing a Wrong The Song is Right (iQIYI)

Yell Bangkok Chief Executive Officer Dissara Udomdej commented on the wins: “After we had the opportunity to broaden our network to China, winning the awards is the huge step toward a successful collaboration with Sounds Shanghai, and it is this unifier that has resulted in a very fruitful and fulfilling 2022 for us. The works ‘Sing a Wrong The Song Is Right’ and ‘MetaWORTH’ have made us shine brightly in the spotlight this year. We hope to maintain this level of success in the future. The award we received is because we brought a brand or a good product to communicate and made the narrative achieve the intended results. We thank the team and clients very much.”

In 2023, Yell and Sounds will strongly adhere to its core value of “Effectively Creative,” which implores the company to take responsibility for both its results and the satisfaction of its advertising clients.

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