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Vero launches green-watching playbook to help communicators combat greenwashing

SINGAPORE – With “Environment Day” around the corner, Southeast Asia brand consulting firm Vero is proud to announce the launch of its sustainability playbook designed to equip communicators with the necessary tools and guidance to navigate the complexities of sustainability and escape the pitfalls of greenwashing, ensuring authenticity in both corporate and consumer messaging, thus fostering trust among all stakeholders.

Greenwashing is defined as the misleading or unsubstantiated claims of environmental benefits, which poses a significant challenge for companies striving to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. As Southeast Asia finds itself at the forefront of climate change-induced risks, consumers are increasingly conscious of the role that brands play in safeguarding their future. Studies show an increasing awareness among Southeast Asian consumers with regard to sustainability topics, with a majority willing to pay more for a product if it demonstrates a positive environmental and social impact. This heightened awareness stems from the region’s growing concern about pressing environmental issues, such as pollution, deforestation, and climate change.

Despite this growing demand for sustainability, many communicators still struggle to effectively structure corporate messaging and guide brands and consumers through sustainability topics. Recognizing this gap, Vero has developed a Green-watching playbook, providing a framework, best practices, and references to help communicators organize their sustainability communication and transformation plans.


Vu Quan, VP of Brand and Culture at Vero and co-author of the playbook, emphasized the significance of authenticity in sustainability communications, stating, “One of the biggest challenges faced by companies is ensuring the authenticity of their sustainability efforts. With the rise of ESG investing, differentiation from competitors and gaining stakeholder trust has become increasingly difficult. Authenticity is now paramount in sustainability communications. Some companies are seeking a fresh take on sustainability communications, balancing the liability of greenwashing and the temptation of silence.”

Vero’s Green-watching playbook is now available free of charge on the company’s website, The playbook serves as a valuable resource for communicators, offering insights, strategies, and practical steps to enhance sustainability communication and effectively navigate this ever-evolving landscape.

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