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Campaign Spotlight: 10 Iconic brands’ ads reimagined using artificial intelligence

LONDON, UK — Ad agency 10 Days has reimagined ads for 10 iconic brands, from Nespresso to KFC to Wimbledon, entirely using a powerful artificial intelligence (AI). The project offers an exciting glimpse into the potential of AI-driven creativity, with stunning and thought-provoking results.

The ads cover a spectrum of visual identities, spanning retro, cinematic, noir, and even cartoon styles. The images often feature familiar shapes, like the plane wing of a British Airways plane, or the signature nugget of KFC chicken; just as often, however, the shapes are unrecognizable computer imaginings that make the images surreal and wonderful, ranging from bright, kitsch colors to sci-fi, Dali-esque nightmares.

Using the AI-driven platform Midjourney, which is currently operating on an invite-only basis using Discord, 10 Days ideated 24 times on each brand, with six prompts. Each piece of artwork is generated using simple, genre-based words, like ‘sci-fi’, ‘noir’ or ‘cinematic’. Incredibly, the entire process took just five minutes to churn out, and due to the ever-changing nature of AI produced artwork, every image is one of a kind.


The implications for the industry could be staggering. While the technology isn’t quite ready to put out a finished, polished ad, the range of visual ideas created could be game-changing. Nevertheless, it’s the speed at which these artworks are created that is most impressive.

Take the latest work for Wimbledon, side-by-side with the AI’s attempt: one took an agency and artist months to produce; the other took just under 60 seconds.

10 Days is the first to explore the creative possibilities of Midjourney for advertising, inputting the minimal prompts to allow the AI platform to run free. Delivering four completely unique and unrepeatable images and inventing new designs for advertising and products alike, the possibilities are truly endless.

Jolyon White, Co-founder and Creative Director of 10 Days, commented, “It’s staggering what AI can achieve given the right set of prompts and keywords. We’re now able to create 24 layouts in the time it takes our Art Director to take their first sip of coffee. At 10 Days, we’re always trying to break the traditional formula of an advertising agency. AI is just one of many ways we’re doing just that.”

George White, Co-founder and CSO of 10 Days, added “AI creativity has a huge future in store. Humans and AI are going to be working hand-in-hand – it’s how we harness it that will be exciting. Soon the possibilities will be endless.”

You can find the full range of AI adverts on Ad Intelligence.

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