Campaign Spotlight: Brave New World Brings in Nostalgia Packaged in Classic Sibling Rivalry with Trends for This Raksha Bandhan campaign


MUMBAI – Every relationship has its ups and downs. But nothing beats the highs and lows of the sibling relationship. The latest campaign for Trends celebrates this realistic and very relatable aspect of this partnership.

Taking off from last year’s Raksha Bandhan campaign, the film captures those memorable fights that become the cornerstones of a shared childhood. It seeks to ignite nostalgia in the viewer and urges them to celebrate their favourite fights with their siblings on social media.

Sraman Majumdar, Senior Creative Director of Brave New World said, “Trends is a brand that appeals to a wide swathe of society. Raksha Bandhan, read sibling dynamics, was a great opportunity to connect with everyone on a personal note. The film is a snapshot of a universal emotion that we can all relate to and interpret through our own lives – whether in bratty humour, mischief, rivalry, peacemaking or just fond nostalgia.”

Brave New World, an integrated advertising agency in Bangalore, India, is the brain behind the campaign. In just a few years, the agency has turned Trends’ social media channels into engagement hotspots. Always pushing the boundaries of what topicality can mean and do for an audience. In just a few hours, the video is already seeing the brand’s engaged fanbase commenting with their stories and anecdotes, with no heed paid to word count; just another great example of the brand’s ability to build powerful campaigns around simple and relatable insights that appeal to all ends of the it’s audience spectrum.


About Brave New World:

Brave New World is an integrated advertising agency in Bangalore, India. The company conceptualizes advertising across mainline, digital & social media, experiential channels and on-ground activations and events. You can view their work at


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