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Campaign Spotlight: How Netflix and Publicis Italy used local Romanian magic to predict the 2nd season of The Witcher.

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA — What do Romania and Netflix’s fantasy drama The Witcher have in common? The answer is magic.

On one side, a country that can boast some of the most gifted witches in the world and in which magic always had a prominent role in national folklore, from Transylvania’s tales to the legends of buried giants and traditional good-luck spells. Yes. In Romania, witches can read anyone’s destiny with their powers. Even that of a tv show.

On the other, the world of The Witcher, in which a mutant hunter born from magic faces any sort of magical creature and magical power.


For the Romanian launch of The Witcher S2, Netflix challenged three renowned witches – Casanndra, Aranka, and Crina – to predict what would happen in the upcoming season using only magic.

Molten lead, tarot cards, and a crystal ball are the tools that they used to answer the questions fans asked on social networks. No scripts, no leaks, only real local magic.

After collecting the questions in the comments of the first content published on Monday 13th, the witches made their predictions and provided the answers in 48 hours, just in time to “spoil” the new season one day before its official release on Friday the 17th.

Will Yennefer and Geralt be together? Will Ciri become a Witcher? Will I get a good mark on my science test? No questions went unheard by the witches.

How to know if the predictions were accurate? By watching the series the next day.



Client: Netflix Romania

Creative Agency: Publicis Italy – Le Pub Milan
Global CCO Publicis Wordwide: Bruno Bertelli
CCO: Cristiana Boccassini
CCO: Mihnea Gheorghiu
Associate Creative Director: Corina Patraucean
Associate Creative Director: Nicolò Carrassi
Senior Art Director: Alex Eftimie
Senior Copywriter: Ruxandra Drilea
Client Service Director: Ilaria Lorenzetti
Account Supervisor: Elisa Tanganell
Executive Producer: Florin Marica

Production Company: Lucas Art Film
General Producer: Radu Selaru
Executive Producer: Arina Lazar
Director: Raya al Souliman
DOP: Horatiu Sovaiala
Editor CTA video: Bogdan Orcula
Editor Hero video: Daniel Atudorei
Editor PR video: Dan Floroiu
Color Grading: Andu Radu, ABATOR
Sound Design: Petru Birladeanu
Art Director: Ștefan Constantinescu, Ana Țecu
Styling: Veronica Nojac
Hair styling: Livia Berceanu
Make-up: Iulia Gheorghiu

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