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Campaign Spotlight: Jollibee makes us laugh once again and crave for their deliciously affordable offerings with their new JolliSavers commercial from Publicis JimenezBasic

MANILA – Petsa de Peligro—those few days when one has to go tiis-tipid before the next paycheck comes in—is an experience that most working-age Pinoys can relate to. This period (which usually occurs near the 15th and 30th of each month) often becomes a creative opportunity for the budget-challenged, dodging lunch-out invites from their officemates.

For many Filipinos, “masarap” is often equated to “mahal,” which makes dining out for lunch more problematic for those on a tight petsa de peligro budget. To avoid losing face when declining invitations for a “masarap” lunch, one often has to resort to making excuses such as “I’m still full eh” or “I’m on this very strict diet kasi.”

Jollibee’s latest TV commercial, which aired last September 17, 2017, proposes a truly creative way of getting out of this typical petsa de peligro trap: ride a giant robot, and run away!


The commercial begins with an all too familiar situation: a group of young employees deciding where to eat lunch, when someone innocently suggests going somewhere “masarap.” Sensing a threat to their limited budget, three guys unleash their secret weapon to escape spending more than what they are prepared to. 

No need to resort to such extreme means during petsa de peligro—there’s always JolliSavers to save the day. For only P50.00* or less, one can always count on sulit-sarap meals even when it’s not payday yet!

JolliSavers includes bestsellers such as their Burger Steak (P50.00*), which offers a satisfying combination of 100% beef patty, topped with flavorful mushroom gravy, enjoyed with a cup of white rice. There’s also the cheesiest, meatiest Jolly Spaghetti (P50.00*), which delivers an incomparable sweet-sarap experience with every forkful. Burger lovers can count on the reliable Jollibee classic, the 100% beefy langhap-sarap Yumburger (P30.00*).

“The creative ways of getting through petsa de peligro are always funny and relatable, but there’s no need to go that far, especially with JolliSavers,” said Mari Aldecoa, Jollibee Marketing Director. “In Jollibee, there’s always good, satisfying food for everyone at very affordable prices.”

Enjoy everyday sulit-sarap meals with JolliSavers, available for dine-in, take-out, delivery, and drive-thru transactions in all Jollibee stores nationwide. With JolliSavers, may sarap na parang payday, everyday!

For more information on the Philippines’ number one fast-food brand, like Jollibee Philippines on Facebook, or follow @Jollibee on Twitter and Instagram.

* Prices may vary across different locations

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