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Campaign Spotlight: Jollibee’s newest commercial series reminds us that happiness doesn’t have to come at a high cost

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Jollibee, the #1 fast-food chain in the Philippines, has launched the third and final part of its JolliSavers commercial series that puts an emphasis on being able to bring joy to everyone at an affordable price with its sulit-sarap bestsellers.

In the first spot of the campaign, a man tries on a luxury watch only to be taken aback by its price, which makes him rattle off questions to ask why it’s costly—does this watch let him travel back in time? Can he take a peek at the future? Grimly, he returns the watch to sadly muse how “gusto lang [niya] naman sumaya.”

The two other installments of the campaign feature an individual trying on a leather jacket and a woman testing out an anti-aging cream. All these have a similar outcome: the buyers going on a sarcastic tirade towards the salesperson trying to sell them expensive products (“May special powers ba ‘to? Magiging invisible ba ‘ko?”) before concluding that all they want is just to be happy.


This project is a product of the continuing collaboration between Jollibee and leading ideas agency GIGIL, best known for its creative work for brands like RC Cola, Levi’s, and Julie’s Bakeshop, among many products.

“[The campaign] was inspired by the agency’s research that the pandemic has forced Filipinos to let go of luxuries that make them happy because of budget constraints,” says Jeano Cruz, Creative Director of GIGIL. “We embarked on the mission to help Filipinos experience joy without costing them much–just like enjoying their Jollibee favorites that only cost Php 35 and Php 50. And then, we amplified the thought with a creative magnifier that’s very Filipino as well: that is, making witty remarks when faced with overly expensive items, which resulted in our ad series for JolliSavers.”

The ‘Di Dapat Mahal Maging Masaya series has been a major hit with Jollibee fans, garnering over twelve million views across the first 2 spots, thanks to how thought-provoking the campaign message has been. It’s not something that can be limited to food alone, but the everyday things that are able to bring people joy. But the takeaway is clear—things don’t need to be expensive to make someone happy, and Jollibee’s new commercial series asserts the brand’s stance of being able to bring everyone joy with its sulit-sarap meals.

JolliSavers meals are available for dine-in, take-out, delivery, and drive-thru transactions in all Jollibee stores nationwide. View the commercial series on the Jollibee Facebook page.

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