With Father’s Day fast approaching, McDonald’s releases “Love Kita, Pa” which shows snippets from the lives of father and child tandems: a crying child asking for the comfort of their father’s arms, a sleeping child being carried up to their room, and a newborn baby looking up into the eyes of their father. These different instances of children being carried capture the love a father has for their child.

Love Kita, Pa (McDo Father’s Day commercial)

“Fathers are not always expressive but we recognize that all dads have one common thread in showing their love – carrying one’s child or pagkakarga. This Father’s Day, we thank them for all the times they have carried their children…” shares Christina Lao, Marketing Director for McDonald’s Philippines. “They may be silent in their ways, but their uplifting strength is something we are lucky to have every day.”

The scenes play to the cover of Rico Blanco’s Your Universe, which is given a childlike quality that makes it seem as if it’s sung from the child’s point of view. This, coupled with the lyrics make for a heartwarming video.

Local brands are now straying away from the usual showcasing of products as a form advertisement. Short films such as McDonald’s Father’s Day subtly makes use of the brand in exhibiting something that is inherently Filipino, which is why audiences strongly resonate with them. In “Love Kita, Pa”, McDonald’s makes a brief cameo: a balloon with the Mcdonald’s logo and a happy meal box are strapped to a father’s back as he carries his child home, seemingly coming from a birthday party at McDonald’s.

Don’t forget to say #LoveKitaPa this Father’s Day!

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