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Campaign Spotlight: Ogilvy and The Hindu launches #DareStopHer, with a powerful message on International Women’s Day

MUMBAI, INDIA – Ogilvy’s work for The Hindu presents an important message to the women who are called names for being ambitious and unapologetic about the way they choose to live their life. The print ad released on International Women’s Day, while highlighting the plight of these women, takes the stance of celebrating the women and emphasizing that nothing can stop them – not even the name calling.

Easily branded as brash, selfish, or self-centered for not conforming to society’s guardrails set out for them, women have risen above these trivialities and achieved phenomenal success. The Hindu’s campaign aims to put a stop to the name calling, urging society at large to look deeper; at what these women have achieved, and appreciate them for what they are.

Through this reader engagement initiative, The Hindu will be inviting real life stories of women empowerment, which will be collated and published as a follow up to the campaign.


The print ad has been conceived by the creative team of Parvathy Rajmohan, Associate Creative Director & Copywriter and Vidyanath PA, Creative Director & Art Director, Ogilvy India (South).

Parvathy, who has written the ad, had this to say, “Although strong women are appreciated on paper, they earn a lot of names. At work, within the family, around friends. What if we call this out and encourage women to make it their strength? The campaign focuses on how no amount of sledging should stop women and how they should convert such negativity into their strength.”


Chief Creative Officers: Kiran Anthony & Mahesh Gharat
President – Ogilvy South: Ram Moorthi
Managing Partner: Tithi Ghosh
Group Creative Director: Sharat Kuttikat
VP – Account Management: Mahesh Menon
Sr. Account Executive: Elizabeth Mathew
Associate Creative Director & Copywriter: Parvathy Rajmohan
Creative Director & Art Director: Vidyanath PA

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