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Campaign Spotlight: These Entropia brands are trendjacking Squid Game

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA — Popular Netflix show Squid Game is a hot topic on everyone’s lips, and it’s still trending in Malaysia, with many brands riding on the show’s hype for an instant connection with their audience, as did Entropia‘s clients, Telekom Malaysia’s Jiran and Petronas Dagangan Berhad:


Telekom Malaysia’s hyperlocal content platform website, Jiran features popular eateries, new lifestyles, exciting stories, tips for local businesses, and many other neighbourhood happenings.


Trendjacking Squid Game is the perfect opportunity to build awareness for Jiran’s social media pages @kitajiran, as they are still in their infancy. With their “What if Squid Game Was Set In Malaysia” Instagram post, Jiran asks the audience whether they will have a better chance of surviving if Malaysian childhood games like ceper, eraser battle, pepsi cola, and gasing were played instead.

The idea is to invoke engagement by interplaying nostalgia with the actual show, and asking the audience to comment other Malaysian childhood games that deserve a deadly twist.

Within 24 hours of posting on Instagram, the post garnered triple the engagement rate organically and has become the post with the highest engagement rate for the brand to date.

Petronas Dagangan Berhad

PETRONAS Brands used Squid Game to promote their running campaign, Mesra-Visa Kasih Bonanza, a collaborative campaign between PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad and Visa, awarding over 1,000 fortunate winners a total of RM1 million in cash and Mesra points.

Engagement rates for the posts vary across platforms, but were all organic, and counts as the highest this year on PETRONAS Brands’ social media when totalled.

The first piece of trendjacking content was different from what was done by other brands, but what justifies the higher engagement rate compared to the second content, is that both those who have seen the series and those who haven’t could engage in comments with their friends.

Check out the content posted on PETRONAS Brands’ Instagram, Facebook & Twitter:







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