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Campaign Spotlight: Victoria’s Secret Breaks Stereotypes of Sexiness in China in New Campaign by TOMORROW

SHANGHAI, CHINA – Victoria’s Secret embarked on a bold mission to inspire young Chinese women to step up and create their own definitions of sexiness, defying all preconceptions and norms. The taboo breaking campaign is dedicated to all the Chinese women who feel sexy and confident in their own skin.

Creative agency TOMORROW created the campaign with a series of beautiful black & white films shot under the direction of Hong Liting. In the films we hear the intimate stories of the star-studded cast of Zhou Dongyu, Yang Mi and He Sui, each presenting her personal definition of sexiness. The secret shared is that sexiness is not measured in centimetres, ratios or years. Sexiness will always be a personal choice and not something granted by other people’s perceptions. 


“It’s exciting to redefine sexy for one of the sexiest brands in the world. Having Victoria’s Secret talk openly about the definition of sexiness is an opportunity to inspire young Chinese women, as well as a break from the past for the brand.” explains Rogier Bikker, CEO, TOMORROW Shanghai.

“Sexiness is often considered a taboo in Chinese culture. But when we talked with young Chinese woman, almost all of the interviewees perceived sexy as positive. This was our opportunity to disrupt the norm and redefine sexy” adds Dragon Zhang, Strategy Head at TOMORROW.

For Zhou Dongyu, sexiness is never a look, but a feeling. Never an adjective defining the body, but one defining a mental state, instead. The state of being the most comfortable you. 

In the case of Yang Mi, sexiness is driven by inner focus. Thus, believing in oneself is the best away to feel and look sexy. 

For super model and cover star He Sui, being sexy is all about being real and embracing imperfections. The imperfect height which made her feel inadequate as a girl in school, has become her biggest asset and transformed her career and her life. 



Client: Victoria’s Secret

Agency: TOMORROW Shanghai

CEO: Rogier Bikker

Creative Directors: Daniel Tan

Strategy Director: Dragon Zhang

Head of Delivery: Rony Chan

Group Head: Jing Zhu

Designer: Susannah Huang

Account: Rui Zhang & Yangyang Wang

Agency Producer: Elke Cao

Director: Hong Liting

Production House: Chosen Production

Managing Director & Executive Producer: Liang Ji & Victor Hu 

DOP: Qin Lu

Photographer:Fan Xin, Feng Hai

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