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Electrolux Romania recreates Danube Delta’s most popular dish, but with ingredients that never expire

GOLIN, ROMANIA — A soup made of ingredients that do not expire even after hundreds of years is how Electrolux Romania aimed to trigger the public’s attention to the alarming plastic pollution that tourists are producing in the Danube Delta. Together with fishermen from the area, Electrolux Romania reinvented the most popular dish, loved by locals and tourists alike, in a meal that no one would like to see on their table: Fish SouPET.

Tens of thousands of tons of plastic waste remain uncollected annually along the Danube banks, ending up in the Danube Delta, damaging an entire ecosystem and the “home” of the locals.

At the end of the summer season, with the support of local fishermen, Electrolux Romania embarked on a mission to clean up Delta’s waters, capturing bags full of plastic waste that have now found their way to recycling centers. A simple waste collection action turned into an awareness-raising effort regarding the protection of the Danube Delta’s biodiversity. Therefore, the most popular Delta dish made from non-expiring ingredients was prepared from plastic bottles left behind by tourists and collected in the Electrolux initiative.


To further mobilize tourists into a more responsible behavior towards nature, hot bowls of Fish SouPET were proudly displayed outside the fishermen’s homes, launching a powerful environmental message that couldn’t be ignored anymore.

“Electrolux has a decades-long tradition in producing and innovating in high-performance household products that ensure the highest standards of cleanness for our consumers’ homes. But also outside our homes, in our communities, and in the environment, it is vital to respect the same principles. That is why we decided to support the locals in the Danube Delta to have a home without waste, without pollution, and a healthy ecosystem, and thus create a new philosophy by which we can all learn to be responsible towards our environment, not pollute, and if others do, to become actively involved. This is the philosophy of being a PETscar (a fisherman that collects plastic bottles – Romanian reference), which anyone can adopt anywhere if they truly love nature. We are proud that, supported by the fishermen of the Delta and local authorities, we captured dozens of bags of plastic waste from the Danube Delta that we sent for recycling. We are determined to continue mobilizing other communities in the same initiative” said Teodora Juravle, Marketing Director of Electrolux Romania.

Fish SouPET serves as a powerful symbol of Delta’s struggle with plastic pollution and is part of a broad awareness initiative initiated by Electrolux, regarding the importance of collecting waste from nature and recycling.

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