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Vivo launches AI-powered communication cards for people with autism

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL –  There are 2 million people with autism in Brazil who have difficulty in communicating with their families and, consequently, with the world. One of the means of communication for most autistic people are visual communication cards that help them communicate about basic activities, such as peeing, drinking water, listening to music and even asking to use their cell phones.

The cards were created nearly 40 years ago but have never been updated. With that in mind, Vivo is launching the project “The Autism Journey” in partnership with AMA – Association of Autistic Friends, first non-profit institution to support people with autism in Brazil, created by the agency África Creative. Cards can be updated in an innovative way using artificial intelligence, through an online platform that is simple to navigate and will bring autistic people closer to the most revolutionary technology of the moment. The cards can be accessed here and can interact with a neural network that analyzes billions of online data to further strengthen human relationships with those who need it most.

“Vivo continues with its purpose of digitizing to approach and brings a project that can help family members and educators to promote a different and immersive experience with autistic people,” said Marina Daineze, director of Brand and Communication at Vivo.


Scientific studies prove that interacting with people with autism through their hyperfocus helps to improve communication, and based on this, it will be possible to create personalized cards on the website, inspired by the interests and passions of each person. That is: if a person within the spectrum likes dinosaurs, he can generate several cards on the site with drawings of dinosaurs demonstrating basic and easy-to-understand situations. In this way, they can feel more engaged in interacting with the cards and, consequently, more motivated to communicate. The platform also had all its architecture and layout designed for autistic people, respecting colors and typologies that are friendlier to them.


Title: The Autism Journey

Client: Telefonica Brazil 
Product: Online Tool
Agency: Africa
CCO: Sergio Gordilho
Executive Creative Director: Nicholas Bergantin, Gustavo Victorino 
Creative Director: Pedro Galdi, Pedro Rosas
Copywriter: Pedro Rosas
Art Director: Pedro Galdi
VP of Operations and Client Service: Carolina Boccia
CSO: Aldo Pini
Cliente Services: Fabio Losso, Stephanie Barbatto e Larissa Bertin
Media: Aga Porada e Thiago Martinez
VP of Special Projects and Creative Content: Juliana Leite
Director of Special Projects: Lica de Souza
Project manager: Lais Vazquez Cattena
Creative Producers: Theo Etlin, Giovanna Lima, Thays Miranda
Awards Director: Isabela Levy
Awards Assistant: Valentina De Luca
Director of Sustainability and Institutional Relations: Raphael Vandystadt
CTO: Fábio Palma 
Digital Project Manager: Beatriz Stalchmidt
Digital Project Analyst: Raphael Montezzano Rios Bacchieri 
Tech Lead: Caio Sanches
Tech Consultant: Artur Honório da Silva Neto
Website Production Company: Luego Produtora Digital
Agency Producers: Rodrigo Ferrari, Patricia Melito, Eduardo Machado
Film Production Company: Santeria
Director: Rafael Damy
Creative Director: Felipe Luchi
Executive Producer: Rafael Damy
Client Service Director: Paty Silveira
Client Service: Hellen Gazetta
Production Coordinator: Ana Paula Domingues
Assistant Direction: Nicoly Cruvinel e Bárbara Aranega
Photography Direction: Bruno Tiezzi
Production Direction: Paula Ortiz
Producers: Nathalia Francatto
Costume Design: Kleber Lucin
Make & Hair: Mirian Kanno
Art Direction: JoanitaMC
Casting: Annik Buzian
Post-Production Coordinator: Alexandre Fernandes
Assistant Coordinator: Maria Castelliano
Edition: Rafael Damy e Paula Fonseca
Finalization: Dennys Tadeu
Collor Grading: Ely Silva
Finalization: Tribbo

PhD in Psychology specializing in Autism: Francisco Baptista Assumpção Junior
Pedagogue for children with intellectual disabilities: Victor Martinez 
Professional training instructor for young people with intellectual disabilities: Mariene Cruz
Teacher and Artist in AI: Patrícia Fogaça
Researcher in communication and organizational accessibility, with a focus on neurodiversity and autism: Beatriz Alves
Case Edition: João Franco
Motion: Sérgio Dimi, Vinny Ale, Edu Menezes, Diego Oliveira
Director of photography for the testimonials: Rodrigo Pirim
Assistant Director: Bice Costa
Producer and MakeUp: Edinalva Farias
Executive Producer: Gabriel Rezende
Sound Production Company: Satelite Audio
Music Director: Roberto Coelho, Kito Siqueira e Hurso Ambrifi
Client Service: Fernanda Costa, Renata Schincariol e Daniel Chasin
Music Production: Roberto Coelho, Hurso Ambrifi, Charly Coombes, Thiago Colli, Koitty, Pedro Motta
Music Production Assistant: Alexandre Avicena
Finalization: Carla Cornea, Vithor Moraes, Arthur Dossa e Iran Ribas
Finalization Assistant: Esteban Romero
Production Coordination: Camila Guedes, Letícia Oliveira, Bea Vieira e Mariana Tardelli
Approved by: Christian Gebara, Dante Compagno, Marina Daineze, Juliana Covino and Bianca Formiga

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