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Digital: Xiklab Digital launches gallery of downloadable Zoom backgrounds

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Xiklab Digital, leader in digital marketing sets an example of how to embrace the new normal with their Zoom in on Art gallery. Zoom in on Art is a gallery of downloadable Zoom background images made by Xiklab Digital’s roster of creatives and other local artists. “What started out as an internal project to help art directors de-stress became a way to showcase non-Xiklab Digital artists as well,” says Jules Cabigon, creative director of Xiklab Digital. “Anyone can visit the gallery page and download as many images they would like. This is Xiklab Digital’s way of offering people a taste of what they can do, in a way that is both fun and useful.”

With more and more people getting used to video conferences, the platform Zoom has set itself apart. One of the key features that help make Zoom great is customizable backgrounds. Users are able to upload different images for a more engaging and fun conference call. They can set a more serious background for online meetings, they can also use sillier ones for casual get-togethers.

However, simply downloading images from the internet doesn’t always get the best results. People might get ill-fitting pictures for their background and a serious setting might turn hilarious. With that in mind, the Zoom in on Art gallery features images tailor-fit for use as Zoom backgrounds. That way, anyone who downloads them doesn’t have to worry about image sizes.


An Open Door for Digital Artists

Zoom in on Art offers a variety of images from meme-inspired backgrounds to more visually compelling art pieces. The gallery will also have weekly updates to keep the selection fresh and exciting. To help with that, the gallery is also opening its doors to other artists who want to contribute.

Those interested can submit their digital artwork to Dimensions are 1920px by 1080px and the file size must be less than 5MB. The gallery will credit all contributing artists so include your name and a link to your portfolio when you submit.

The Zoom in on Art Gallery by Xiklab Digital is a great resource for anyone looking to add a personal touch to their conference calls. It is also a good way for you to showcase your digital art skills. Visit the gallery today to see more of what it has to offer.

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